Back in March, Buddy unveiled his sophomore LP Superghetto, which contained 10 tracks and additional features from Tinashe, T-Pain, Ari Lennox, and Blxst, the last of whom appeared on the well-received single “Wait Too Long.” This week, he decided to keep the album’s momentum going with a new visual for “Bad News,” a Goldwash, Bink.o, Carter Lang, Mano Ruiz, Andrew Bolooki, and 1Mind-produced cut that seems to depict a story about a self-professed criminal on the run from law enforcement:

One wild fight, who’s the last man standin’? Broad daylight in the police station, can’t compete, pray for the weak, heard he got a shank underneath thе seat, gotta move your feet, deputy said hе seen it and shot him, two days later, gun still loaded, black briefcase and a blood red rose, she, that’s when she came for me, brought my shit, paid my bail, roll my weed, then I hop in the whip and we got away…”

Courtesy of Obsidian, the somewhat-trippy clip for “Bad News” begins in an animated format, with a stop motion, miniaturized version of Buddy being thrown into a woman’s body. A one-eyed individual — presumed to be police — enters the room where said woman is enjoying a drink, and a fight ensues. During a getaway, Buddy and the cop have their guns pointed at each other before the cop becomes Buddy‘s doppelganger. After all of this, things switch to a real-life Buddy in his home eating cereal, before heading to his garage after noticing someone passing through the room behind him (it’s at this time when the television reads, “Is there another Buddy on the loose?”). Once again facing his clone, another fight takes place that he loses, leaving the duplicate version (or the original?) to relax after his victory. Simply put, you’ll want to play this video a few times over.

Check it out for yourself below.