Last week, Pooh Shiesty unveiled his latest body of work Shiesty Season: Certified, the latest extension of last year’s big success Shiesty Season. This go ’round, fans receive last August’s “SUVs (Black on Black)” with Jack Harlow, along with other notable collaborations alongside the likes of Gunna, Lil Durk, EST Gee, 42 Dugg, Lil Uzi Vert, BIG30, and more. One particular standout, the Skywalker OG and TP808-produced “No Clues,” features fellow 1017 talent Big Scarr and sees the Memphis rappers keeping things very street-oriented in regards to subject matter:

“We FOX-13, don’t get introduced to the news, this Drac’ came with a shell catcher, we ain’t leaving clues, I put a sixty on it, tryna knock down fifty dudes, my Glizzy be heating up, put the kit on it, keep it cool, if the crackers come get me, keep it silent, play it bool, don’t get inside no investigation room accepting food, my Cartier watch be dancing every time I make a move, we 1017 extortion gang, it’s time to pay your dues…”

Directed by Jerry Morka and Laka comes a matching visual for “No Clues,” which begins with a money-making operation taking place in a house while Scarr and a masked individual presumed to represent Shiesty enjoy a celebration of sorts with strippers. Soon, the Feds (or a group perpetrating as the Feds, as it’s eventually revealed) knock down the doors in a violent raid, with the main parties ending up arrested, thrown in a line up, and interrogated. Thankfully, their attorneys get involved, and they walk away free.

Unfortunately, such a reality hasn’t been the case for Pooh Shiesty, who was recently given 63 months in prison over a 2020 shooting. Once released, it’s been reported that he’ll transition to another three years on supervised release, and will have to enroll in a drug treatment program as part of his legal requirements.

Press play on “No Clues” below.