When it comes to getting samples cleared, Pusha T claims that the music industry has a habit of taking advantage of Kanye West.

In a recent interview with Vulture, the Virginia native opened up about his latest album, It’s Almost Dry. He also discussed some of the business practices he has witnessed Ye encounter throughout their years of friendship.

One thing in particular that he noted was the lengthy process that the “All Falls Down” lyricist has to go through in order to sample former tracks for a song.

“If you know anything about working with Kanye, it’s that it’s a very, very, very tough, tedious, annoying process about the samples,” Pusha recalled. “I’ve never seen people take advantage of a situation like they do when it comes to clearing samples for this guy.”

He even explains how he even went out of his way to keep the fact that he collaborated with Ye on the project hidden to avoid some of the delays.

“I tried to hide the fact he’s involved. As soon as his name comes up, it’s time to take him to the cleaners,” the “Numbers on the Boards” emcee explained. “It’s the most unfair shit I’ve ever seen.”

Ye and Pusha’s relationship when it comes to the music includes years of joint efforts so it’s no surprise that the latest album includes music that was brought to life alongside the Chicago native.

For It’s Almost Dry, Ye is responsible for producing songs “Dreamin of the Past, “Rock N Roll,” and “I Pray For You.”

According to Pusha, once people get hip to the fact that Ye is involved with a song or project, they return with the “most outlandish rates and numbers.” Furthermore, he reveals that it is Ye’s commitment to his artistry that causes people to jack up the numbers — they know that he will do whatever it takes to make it happen for the sake of his creative process.