Twitter users react in a frenzy after news that Twitter has officially been purchased by Tesla CEO Elon Musk for a whopping $44 billion.

Just minutes after the news broke, users flooded the app with mixed sentiments on the billion-dollar purchase with some even noting how Black people continue to be the driving force across all social media platforms.

“Black Twitter ran the value up on all this social media shit,” said comedian Karlous Miller. Others chimed in under the tweet backing his thoughts with one user adding, “And didn’t set ourselves up to get a dime from it. This THE perfect time to start our own, cause we know what this MF bout to do.”

Others wonder what plans Musk, whose net worth is currently reportedly sitting at $269.7 billion, has for the platform.

“You don’t spend $44 billion because you care about free speech and want to own the libs by giving Trump his account back,” said another Twitter user. “This is an investment for Elon. Elon sent out a tweet about Tesla that increased his net worth by millions. This isn’t about free speech. It’s about money.”

While folks wonder what the platform will look like under the now private ownership of Musk, some have questions on what this means for current Twitter employees.

“How could a racist billionaire that’s currently being sued by all his Black employees taking over a tech company that has some of the most diverse staff possibly go wrong,” one person asked.

Of course, in true Black Twitter fashion, the jokes were endless with some people shooting their shots for positions on the newly-owned app.

“Ayooooo @elonmusk I need to be a board member or have some sorta position at Twitter,” said Nathan Allen Pirtle. “I’ve been keeping the platform alive since day one! Just saying.”

Some have other questions about Musk being deemed a genius for the latest business deal.

“How is Elon considered a genius when he bought Twitter for billions of dollars and I just simply downloaded it for free,” they wrote.

No matter who owns the app, it looks like Twitter is still the platform for people to unload their thoughts even in the midst of a billion-dollar deal.