Do numbers really matter when it comes to what’s hot? Meek Mill questions numbers and some of the standards when it comes to an artist’s success within the music business.

“We don’t go off first week numbers,” wrote the Philly rapper in a tweet. “Labels run that shit…and most the numbers be fake…you can clearly see all the artist that’s killing shit!! Focus on your brand and impact.”

He even claims that the hard-core focus on album sales have a negative impact on musicians.

“They crashing the rap game out,” he continued. “That everybody drop on Friday bs…Wtf is that… why would you want to sell your product on the same day as the competition… for a billboard look? lol what does that do for the artist?”

This isn’t the first time that the “Dreams and Nightmares” lyricist has been vocal about his issues with how music labels operate. In 2020, he threatened to make his record deal public following Kanye West’s decision to post his own record deal revisions in a slew of screenshots via Twitter.

“I’m about to make my record deal public,” Meek Mill wrote. “Just to let the world see what these people on.”

The conversation seems to have stemmed from the latest Billboard 200 chart preview which showcased shockingly low first-week sale numbers for EST Gee and 42 Dugg’s recent “Last Ones Left” collaboration which charted at No. 11. Another project with questionable numbers is Fivio Foreign’s B.I.B.L.E debut album coming in at No. 10.

Memphis rapper NLE Choppa also took time to chime in on the numbers standard in the industry.

“First week numbers doesn’t determine if a album good or not,” wrote the “Go Stupid” emcee. “Literally says ‘FIRST WEEK’ I’ve yet to have a album that just goes crazy first week but I’m sitting on 2 gold projects and another one working towards that. @FivioForeign @coileray y’all craft is beyond perfect.”