/  04.02.2022

Joyner Lucas is setting the record straight: Ye West isn’t crazy. 

The Massachusetts emcee devoted four minutes on his latest track — aptly titled “Ye Not Crazy” — to prove his point

“How do you spell crazy? G-E-N-I-U-S/How do you spеll pay me? I-R-S/What you know about mental health when you live in hell and you out of meds?/What the fuck is a meltdown when my meltdown’s on a private jet?/Woah, labels ain’t wanna sign the check (Joyner)/Then I got on my Ye shit, turned every no to a solid yes/I don’t care about who’s poppin’ now, let the whole world know I am next/I ain’t quittin’ ’til I touch the sky or a nigga livin’ on the ISS.”

Within the video, Joyner recreates Ye’s DONDA listening session sets, takes from his “Closed on Sunday” music video, and even throws on a replica of the Maison Martin Margiela diamond mask Yeezy has frequently worn during shows.

It’s an all-out homage to the rapper who’s recently been entangled in several public disputes as of late. While others have ridiculed West’s antics, Joyner praises the Jeen-Yuhs star. 

“Hold up, Ye’s not crazy,” he raps. “Hold up, Ye’s not crazy (Ye’s not crazy),” he raps on the chorus. “Even if they try to cancel me, that ain’t gon’ phase me (Ain’t gon’ phase me). Yeah, I sin, God forgave me (God forgave me). How the fuck I’m gon’ change the world if they gon’ change me? (They gon’ change me?).

“Ye’s not crazy (Ye’s not crazy), well, maybe I am (Well, maybe I am). Never thought I’d be a billionaire, now I’m like, maybe I can (Maybe I can). Jesus walks, nigga, I ran (Nigga, I ran). Sorry I pissed you off, I’ll do it again.”

Via Twitter, Joyner explained that he was inspired to make his latest track after watching Ye’s new Netflix documentary. “I created #yenotcrazy after I watched the Jeen-Yuhs documentary. Probably the dopest shit I’ve ever seen,” he tweeted.


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