Anyone familiar with Slip-N-Slide rapper Trick Daddy can probably tell you that he loves cooking — so much so that he deserves his own cooking show.

Trick Daddy is getting to the money in a new Facebook Live series affectionately titled, “B!tch, I Got My Pots.” Yes, you read that right, Mr. Trick is letting you know he’s got what it needs to throw down in the kitchen.

In addition to showcasing his favorite southern cuisine, Trick plans to make his show stand out from other cooking shows and engage viewers by discussing pop culture, entertainment and current social topics.

Each week, viewers can expect to see some of the biggest names in entertainment join Trick such as “Forget You” singer CeeLo Green, who makes an appearance on episode three and, Maybach Music founder, Rick Ross, who helped Trick prepare mouth-watering steaks in a March 28 episode.

Trick has been known to enjoy showing off his cooking skills. Besides his weekly Facebook Live shows, the Miami-born “Take It to the House” rapper was seen on several past episodes of the Love and Hip Hop franchise with a spatula in his hand, standing over a grill.

A video clip posted to Trick Daddy’s Instagram page shows CeeLo admitting to not being the best chef. Trick comforts the “Crazy” singer by letting him know that if he can’t cook well that he can, “cut this, wash this, peel that, taste that” instead — basically just help out. The episode shows the two making mashed potatoes and lamb and is a nice reunion for the pair who collaborated on their 2002 hit, “In the Wind.”

When Trick isn’t busy in the kitchen, you can still catch him hitting the stage, performing as recently as March 19 with Juvenile, Mystikal and others in Atlanta for the All-star Legends of Hip Hop show. If you missed him there, he has an April 16 show for Miami and even shows well into next year as he’s scheduled to perform at the Cancun Hip Hop Fest happening October 5-9 2023.