Fans believe they know the gender of Rihanna’s baby after photos surfaced of her during a recent shopping trip.

The singer spent some time in Target earlier this week, where she was spotted looking through the girls’ section. Based on the photos, she walked away with an $18 mini-dress in hand, sparking beliefs that she and A$AP Rocky may be expecting a baby girl.

” I just feel it in my gut that Rihanna’s baby is a girl,” wrote Twitter user @fiIipinaur.

“Omg soooo my big sis @rihanna all at Target shopping for a girl so TeTe baby a girl,” added Queen__Chante. A third user, @nicogee21, managed to fit in her desire for Rih’s new album while gushing over the baby’s potential looks. “The fact that @rihanna is having a girl – she’s going to be SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!” she penned. “Blessing to Rih! Hopefully when the baby drops you’ll drop the album’s!?! Lol”

While many fans were excited about what they deemed an accidental reveal, others were not entirely convinced.

User @bxbyglow pointed out that shopping for clothes is not equivalent to a gender reveal. “How y’all know Rihanna is having a girl? Just because you see her clothing shopping. Y’all Twitter stans are weird,” she wrote. “Don’t give out the sex of the baby yet. Stop ruining shit.”

Another suggested that Rih was simply trying to mislead her fans. “@rihanna is lying about buying baby girl outfits! She just want to cover the tracks…,” @JuFentyy tweeted. “Love you Rih but I don’t trust you. We will know the truth!”

Rihanna is currently in her third and final trimester. Regardless of whether she has a boy or girl, one thing will remain true: she will not play about her child. “I feel like that’s the type of mom I’m going to be. Psycho about it,” she told Elle. In other words, if you talk about her baby, “it’s over.”

See the theories following Rihanna’s Target trip below.