50 Cent is ready to help Mo’Nique “win again.” The Queens-born rap star took to Instagram earlier this week to show some love to the Oscar-winning actress after attending one of her stand-up shows last month.

“Went to see [Mo’Nique’s] stand up show super bowl weekend. Oh shit!” he wrote in a post. “It was so good, she had my ass in a trance. You gotta go check her out the shit was [fire].”

In another post, 50 also shared a mashup clip that Mo’Nique posted last month featuring a scene from Precious and “Power Book I.”

“I Gotta get [Mo’Nique] back in pocket,” he captioned the clip.

50 also addressed Mo’Nique’s claims of being blackballed in the entertainment industry, saying, “We only suppose to cancel shit that ain’t good for the culture. We need you to WIN again now MONIQUE.”

The “Many Men” rapper continued to rally for Mo’Nique in a third post, writing, “All in Favor of [Mo’Nique] being back on Top, Say make it happen 50! STOP FUCKING AROUND.”

In the comments, fans were more than supportive and said they’d like to see Mo’Nique appear in 50’s “Power” universe.

As reported by REVOLT, Mo’Nique has long claimed that she has been “blackballed” from the entertainment industry by Precious director Lee Daniels and producers Tyler Perry and Oprah Winfrey after she refused to travel for uncompensated press runs for the film.

Perry and others have denied her claims. However, during a recent appearance on “Turnt Out with TS Madison,” Mo’Nique said Perry eventually agreed to call her and apologize for how she was treated. Mo’Nique says she recorded her call with Perry and the show’s host said she had heard it.

“Mo’Nique is telling the truth,” Madison said.

“Oftentimes when it comes to a Black woman speaking up and speaking out, it goes unheard until she dies. Then once she dies, then we go back and say, ‘Well, she was right,’ and, ‘Let’s make a movie about it,'” Mo’Nique said during the show.

See 50 Cent’s posts supporting the actress on Instagram below.