/  03.01.2022

T.I.‘s daughter Deyjah Harris revealed she’s a victim of self-harm.  On Tuesday (March 1) in honor of Self-injury Awareness Day, the 20-year-old shared the news with hopes to encourage others who have hurt themselves to cope with emotional distress.

“Perhaps i had to experience this in order to be able to help someone else that is or will deal with this…i mean we hurt so that we can help others heal from that same pain, right?” she wrote. She shut down questions and expressed that she needs no compassion for her situation, adding that her only desire is for people to unashamedly live in their truth.

“All i need for you to do is simply speak and live in your truth like i always encourage you to do,” penned the reality star. “i need you to see that if i can be brave enough to share this part of myself/my journey with the world, then you can too.”

In the post, Harris acknowledged that there are multiple forms of self-harm while implying that she inflicted self-injury by cutting herself. She extended her messages to all victims regardless of the method they chose to hurt themselves and continued on with more words of inspiration.

“You’re not alone, TRUST me when i say that.. but let me tell you this, don’t you dare spend the rest of your life hiding who you are/what you’ve been through,” Harris wrote. “i don’t care if you think people will judge you, if you think people will think you’re not right in the head, if you think it’ll make people love or like you less, or if you think people will say you’re doing it for attention, you deserve to share your story… when or if YOU’RE ready.”

“Your story can + will save so many lives and you don’t even know it yet,” she went on before offering her listening ear to anyone in need. “There is nothing that any of you can NOT talk to/tell me about. i told you this was a nonjudgmental and safe space, and i mean that sincerely.” Harris emphasized the need for general mental health conversations in the Black community and ended her message with some love and wishes for “a great week.”

“i love you/you are loved, you are seen, you MATTER, and you deserve everything good in the world,” wrote the 20-year-old. “Don’t you ever forget or doubt that….take care of yourself, ok? have a great week.”

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