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  /  02.10.2022

S2 E4 | LightSkinKeisha


DJ Scream, Big Bank and Baby Jade return for another sizzling episode of the “The Big Facts” podcast. In this week’s installment, the group sat down with rapper, actress and social media influencer LightSkinKeisha. The versatile entertainer stopped by to discuss several topics, including her recent engagement, life as a reality star, and appearing on the critically acclaimed show, “Power Book II: Ghost.” Check out our official recap below. 

LightSkinKeisha has a lot to celebrate. After four years of dating, she recently got engaged to her longtime boyfriend and Youtube collaborator, rapper Coca Vango. While discussing their newly upgraded union, the “Ride Good” emcee shared some details about the early stages of their relationship and got candid about life with her man.

Keisha shared that, fortunately, their professional and personal lives haven’t clashed. “It all starts with being a team player first. We’re not in a relationship to say ‘Why you doing this, or why you doing that?’ Or, just calculating each other’s moves. It’s a team,” the 27-year-old insisted. “You gotta be a team supporter. Even if one might be going in this direction with their career and the other one in this direction with their career, you just gotta know how to be a real supporter.” 

The “Believe Dat” musician went on to reveal that she doesn’t allow her relationship to affect artistic decisions, nor does it stop other rappers from inquiring about features. “Don’t nobody come at me crazy because that’s not the type of female I come off as anyways. I feel like I come off as a female that demands her respect, period,” she said. “Niggas come correct. Even when it comes to fans — guys wanting to take a picture with me or something like that. It’s cool, we gon’ pose. They come correct. They don’t disrespect me because they know I’ll pop off on they ass… What the hell my relationship got to do with the business [side] of it?”

For those who aren’t aware, Keisha and Coca made a brief appearance on the popular reality television series “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.” Although she’s no longer on the show — after prioritizing her rap career — the emcee said she hasn’t entirely ruled out the option of appearing on another reality series. 

“I would do it. I don’t mind that — it’s all in how you come with it. If you gon’ make my story be shit I really don’t give a fuck about, I don’t care to do it,” she explained. “You not [going] to stress me the fuck out about some shit you want to happen on TV versus in real life. I don’t give a fuck about this shit… I never be around none of these people. So, it’s like, make it realistic for me and my storyline.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, the Atlanta native discussed the difficulties she’s faced while navigating the male-dominated music industry. She noted that one of her biggest obstacles is being an independent artist. Since Keisha isn’t signed to a major label, she isn’t afforded all of the same luxuries as her peers, making it a lot more difficult to push her work.

Big Bank Beisha also talked rap beef. When asked what she believes causes feuds amongst female artists, the rising star suggested the issues are usually created by the teams surrounding the women. “I’ll say this: When we first start getting into the game, I was always told… ‘You gotta be on all these bitches’ heads.’ So, right there, they making you competitive from jump. And then, on top of that, girls be very catty about who popping off first,” she explained. 

“My question is always: Where is the finish line? You be so in a goddamn rush to try and do this and that first, but where is the finish line? Because everybody can eat,” she continued. “You doing shows just like I’m doing shows. This bitch got a motherfucking Patek on her arm. I got a Patek. She got a big ass motherfucking chain. I got a chain. She got the Birkins. I got the Birkins. What are we doing differently? We all got the same shit. Where’s the finish line?”

Later the lyricist revealed she has several major artists she wants to work with, telling the group, “I feel like I’ll do a crazy ass song with Nicki [Minaj]. I’ll do a dumbass song with Nicki and Cardi B.” Keisha is also open to working with rapper Megan Thee Stallion and, when it comes to R&B, she was adamant about working with Summer Walker and Ari Lennox. The superstar-in-the-making shared that she’d also love to do a record with fellow Atlanta native Young Thug and singer Bruno Mars for the ultimate collaboration. Mike Will Made-It would produce the dream track.   

Aside from a thriving career in music, LightSkinKeisha appears on hit crime drama series “Power Book II: Ghost” as BruShandria Carmichael. The “Spend Sum Cash” rapper revealed on “Big Facts” that prior to nabbing the role, she had never taken an acting class. When she was initially told about the offer to take part in the Starz series, Big Bank Beisha thought it was a prank. “It’s still kind of surreal,” she admitted. 

“I’m really just excited and grateful for the role. Courtney Kemp, she’s the HBIC. I was just stunned when I walked in the room, and I was like, ‘You know me?’ She’s like, ‘Girl. I love you.’ I’m like, ‘Girl, I love you too,’” Keisha shared. Still anxious over the new role, she revealed she called “Power Book II” star Michael Rainey Jr., who gave her some words of encouragement. “I remember I hit him first like, ‘Man, I’m nervous. And he’s like, ‘Yo, just be yourself. They made the character off of you,’” she said. Although Keisha hasn’t gotten any professional coaching, she hopes to do so in the future in an effort to perfect her acting craft. 

Like always, if you liked what you heard, be sure to stay tuned every week for new episodes of “Big Facts.” Also, don’t forget to watch the latest installment above!


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