The Game is slamming his old record label. Recently, the Compton emcee took to Twitter to call Interscope Records out for its alleged mistreatment of music artists.

“I meant it when I said it 17 years ago & I mean it today!!!!” he penned in a tweet. “They’re runnin a modern-day slave trade & they steal from every single artist.” He went on to state that “parting ways” from the label was the “best decision” and encouraged fellow musicians to “stay independent.”

The Game signed to Interscope in the early years of his career, agreeing to a five-album requirement from the label. After delivering five No.1 projects and fulfilling his contractual obligations in 2013, he announced that he was “a free agent.”

“Recently, a free agent,” Game said in an interview with the late Larry King. “I was signed to Interscope for my last five albums which, of course, are all platinum, and I’ve been taking a lot of meetings and on a lot of conference calls about my next move, and I just – I haven’t narrowed it down yet.”

In the years since, The Game independently released a slew of projects, including The Documentary 2, The Documentary 2.5, 1992 and Born 2 Rap, which he once claimed would be his last album.

“I’m good. Yeah, I’m done,” he told Variety in 2019, announcing his desire to start his own record label. “Why do I have to come back and fuck that up? I’m going out on top. But if I come back with another album and it’s not better than Born 2 Rap, then I don’t want to do it.” Two years later, the rapper revealed he would be dropping another project. In fact, being excluded from a few Top 50 rappers list has seemingly motivated him to go harder.

“I ain’t forgot about these lists…,” he wrote before teasing his album. “#DRILLMATIC coming soon….HURRICANE GAME LIVE.”

Since slamming Interscope, The Game’s Twitter has been locked. It is not clear what led to the restriction.

See his tweet below.