Hours before he was set to perform at Rolling Loud New York last month, Fetty Wap was arrested by the FBI on federal drug charges. He has since been released on a $500,000 secured bond after Judge Joanna Seybert’s decision, authorities said the following Friday. Now, the Jersey artist is the latest to follow the Hip Hop tradition of releasing a “First Day Out” track to address the matters at hand. On the track, speaks to those who have betrayed him:

Left it all to you baby it’s amazing when they think you’re gone what they do baby/ N****s lied on my kids, n****s lied ‘cause they dead, now I’m home and they ghost, b*tch it is what it is

On Wednesday (Nov. 24), the “Trap Queen” emcee also chopped it up with Fat Joe on Instagram Live about his musical hiatus and the things that led up to his years-long break. “If I could say so myself, I’d say it was more so the people I had around me wasn’t experienced,” Fetty explained of his decision.

“Like, nobody was experienced, honestly…And what happened, it was just like, in the process—you know how it go, you feel me? I felt like I had to do everything myself!” he told Fat Joe. “For the tours, I put up all the bread for the tours. I paid for all the tour buses. Everything came out of my expenses.”

Most recently, Fetty shared his The Butterfly Effectproject, which was dedicated to his late daughter. Last year Fetty dropped Trap & B on Valentine’s Day, a seven track project that highlighted his melodic flow. He also provided assists on singles like “Leck” with KDDK and Imanbek, “Jamaica” with Jay Burna, and “Fly & Fetty” with DC Young Fly. Other recent singles from this year include cuts like “Drill Zoo” with Ron Suno and “Leck” with Imanbek and MORGENSHTERN.

Be sure to press play on Fetty Wap’s brand new song “First Day Out” down below.