Yung Miami’s new track “RAP FREAKS” is putting the hip hop industry on notice. The City Girl isn’t holding anything back and apparently, she doesn’t mind letting listeners know what she would do to her peers — if she got the chance.

In under two minutes, Miami calls out 14 celebrities — including Lil Durk, Megan Thee Stallion, DaBaby, Lil Baby, Kodak Black, Lori Harvey, and more — on the track and takes listeners on a ride filled with fictional sexual escapades.

“It’s nothing personal,” she recently told Billboard. “The song is showing love to all the rappers right now. I [named] a bunch of the guys who are on top, that’s hot, that’s poppin’. Nothing is personal, nothing is literal, I’m just having fun.”

The 27-year-old Miami native told the music publication that she was inspired to create “RAP FREAKS” by The Notorious B.I.G.’s “Just Playing (Dreams),” Lil Kim’s “Dreams,” Trina’s “Leaving You,” Nicki Minaj’s “Barbie Dreams,” and French Montana’s “R&B Bitches,” among others.

“I just felt like it was going to be a moment in hip hop, so it was something that I went into the studio wanting to do,” she said. “I’ve been thinking long and hard on it. I hope everyone just takes it as a song… I feel like I’m not being disrespectful to nobody or dissing nobody. It’s just a fun song I wanted to do and recreate what some of the legends did before me. I’m just being an artist.”

Miami, whose fans affectionately call her by her real name Caresha, doesn’t need to explain her playful lyrics. But she did tell Billboard why she chose to name-drop a few of the people in the song. “Diddy was talking about how before he came up, he woke up to roaches on his face and that’s what motivated him to get money. I just thought it was a nice bar to throw in there,” she explained. “That was just a rap, just something I said. It’s just wordplay. That’s my friend. I know Diddy, he’s really cool.”

The Lori Harvey line wasn’t a diss at all,” she continued. “Lori is very classy, she carries herself well, she don’t entertain anything on the internet. She’s very classy, everybody knows she’s a woman. Me, I’m more hood. I’m a City Girl, I’m outspoken, I’ll say how I feel…I really want to work with Rod Wave. He’s one of my favorite rappers right now…. When I said the part about Moneybagg, you know the ‘leave yo bitch home,’ that’s just me playing around. I don’t have a problem with Ari, me and Ari is actually cool. I know her, I spoke to her. Me and her show love to each other on Instagram all the time. I don’t want people to take it out of context or think too hard about it because it’s only just a song.”

Watch the “RAP FREAKS” video below: