Digga D keeps the hard-hitting tracks coming. Following “Wasted” with Arrdee, “2k17,” and “Keep Talkin” with Sav’O and Horrid1 comes the Benji Bandz and MacMac Relax-produced “Red Light Green Light,” which was inspired by the Netflix series “Squid Game” and sees the Ladbroke Grove emcee keeping things very boastful and street-focused, to say the least:

“Everyone else my age in this wap ting is a puppy, chihuahua, I got guns with banana clips, my last resort is a brucky, everyone else my age in this rap ting is a puppy, everyone best run back from me if I tell Rack5 tun that Duppy, leave that dеad, ahlie, I beg, ahlie, start calculate how much fish and bread I buy, wake up and shot, and lead I fly, handguns with attachments and hella bine…”

Matching the songs lyrics is a Teeeezy C-shot visual that re-creates the “Squid Game” red light, green light scene, which consists of a bunch of individuals dressed in numbered sweatsuits playing the game for their lives. Digga D appears as the Front Man, with guards in the now-popular masks (the ones with the shapes) behind him. He does eventually remove his own mask to further make his points in front of a bonfire towards the end of the clip.

Earlier this year, Digga D liberated Made In The Pyrex, which came with 13 tracks and additional contributions from the likes of M1llionz and AJ Tracey — the release also contained standout cuts like “Woi,” “Chingy (It’s Whatever),” and “Bringing It Back.” Made In The Pyrex was both a critical and commercial success for the 1011/CGM talent, peaking at number one and number three on UK’s R&B Albums and Official Albums charts, respectively. Prior to that, Digga D blessed the masses with his debut, Double Tap Diaries, in 2019.

Press play on “Red Light Green Light” below.