Freddie Gibbs’ next rap album might be his last. After tweeting that he was “going back to R&B” last week, the Grammy-nominated rapper told REVOLT on Wednesday (Sept. 29) that he’s ready to get back to his musical roots. Gibbs is currently gearing up to release SSS, his fifth solo studio album, which he confirmed is still “on the schedule.”

“This might be one of my last rap albums,” Gibbs told us during a Newport, Kentucky tour stop. “I ain’t gotta rap no more, man. After SSS, Ima show y’all… I’m ‘bout to bust out with an R&B album.”

Despite earning a Grammy nomination for Best Rap Album and dropping several classic hip hop projects, Gibbs got his musical start singing in a choir and said he initially hoped to be signed as an R&B artist.

“R&B is what I started out doing before all the rap shit,” he explained. “Now, all you ni**as just wanna make me rap all day, and I don’t wanna rap. I wanna go back to my roots. I tried to get signed as an R&B singer in 2004, but every label in the world denied me. So, I had to do rap to get in the door.”

“I tricked y’all ni**as into thinking I was a rapper,” the Alfredo crafter joked. “And I learned to rap so good – better than everybody else, it’s crazy. So now, I’m ‘bout to come back to this R&B. And all the ni**as that didn’t wanna do no songs with me, like Miguel and all them ni**as, they’re gonna be like, ‘What’s up, Gibbs?’ And I’m ‘bout to be king of this shit.”

Gibbs further said “Gang Signs,” his February single with ScHoolboy Q, served as a “little preview” of his future R&B project.

“That ain’t no rap song, that’s R&B. I snuck it in on you ni**as and you loved it,” he said. “Snuck it in there, and y’all was like, ‘Freddie Gibbs talking his shit!’” Gibbs also suggested the R&B project will mark the return of his Freddie Kane persona, and even promised to grow his “hair back out” for its release.

SSS, on the other hand, is poised to be a feature-heavy rap album. Gibbs has already teased a laundry list of award-winning producers tapped in for the effort — including Alchemist, Madlib, Hit-Boy and more — and said he’s recorded more collaborations for an album than ever before.

“It’s a lot of collabs,” the 39-year-old said. “I think it’s the most collabs on an album I’ve ever done, and probably will ever again. I don’t think I’m gonna do shit like this again.”

“With this SSS shit, you’re getting a Gibbs that’s like, you know, cool. Happy in the rap game, really participating,” he continued. “I guess I’m participating in the rap game nowadays, so that’s what this newest album is about – collaboration, congregation and participation. I think I’ve been participating more, you know what I’m saying? But after this SSS shit, I ain’t participating no more. I’m going back to doing just what the fuck I wanna do – R&B.”

Gibbs released Alfredo, his joint project with Alchemist and highest-charting album to date, last year. He’s currently touring through December, including slated performances at Day N Vegas and Austin City Limits Music Festival.