J. Prince has some words for authorities.

In an Instagram post he uploaded yesterday (July 18), the Rap-A-Lot Records founder accuses the FBI and other law enforcement entities of harassing him for crimes he didn’t commit. He also says that “rogue FBI agents” and prosecutors of targeting him because of his race.

In the post, which includes audio and various overlain images, Prince shows a screenshot of what appears to be a drug transaction. From there, he gets into his feelings on the matter while declaring his innocence.

“I just had to share one example of many of the criminal lies that’s told on my name on a daily basis,” he says in the audio. “Clearly this is a drug deal taking place on text message with my name being used to seal a deal that I have no knowledge of all or involvement in no capacity. These type of made-up scenarios and lies or the type of excuses The Feds … constantly harass me and try to incriminate me by the use of another person’s actions because when they arrest them they will lie on you.”

Elsewhere in the audio, J. Prince says that he’s been subjected too all sorts of crooked behavior from authorities, claiming that they had even planted drugs on him before. In a bit that he admits sounds like something from a movie, he also speaks on FBI agents and prosecutors he believes are out to get him.

“There’s a movement by some rogue FBI agents and federal prosecutors that have a hate J. Prince racism disease,” he says.

This is not the first time J. Prince has called out federal authorities. During a “Drink Champs” appearance from last November, he claimed that the FBI had attacked both himself and then Death Row Records’ CEO Suge Knight right as they were about to join forces and work outside the major record label system. He even said the FBI made an attempt on his life.

“We wanted to create our own Black-owned distribution company,” Prince recalled. “So, we had a meeting of the minds, met in L.A., and it wasn’t long after, I feel like the Feds attacked each of us. Conspiracy, not only from a distribution point of view, they had their reasons. But, definitely, we all saw what happened to Death Row. We saw how they attacked Murder Inc., and they tried to kill me. So, that was one of them things.”

See J. Prince speak on authorities allegedly targeting him for yourself below.