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J. Prince and Fat Joe tell stories about being set up by close ones in plots to have them lose it all

Some people don’t like to see others gain success.

Introducing Joeprah. That’s Fat Joe’s new nickname thanks to his brand new REVOLT series “The Fat Joe Show.” On the show, the recording artist turned media personality chops it up with some of your favs for dope conversation and good laughs. Get into it.

Who better to bring out iconic and powerful forces in hip hop other than Fat Joe. This week’s episode of “The Fat Joe Show” welcomed the likes of music executive and as Bun B would call him, “The Blueprint,” James Prince also known as J. Prince.

The Houston native and CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records stopped by to talk war stories and gave all the details about his rise to the top in his hometown. Though he’s had a long and successful career, having been the backbone for several prominent names, there were also times where quite frankly, others wanted to out Prince due to his power. As Fat Joe would say, “You go to Texas, better call J. Prince.”

“I know you had some run-ins with the law ‘cause they didn’t understand a young Black brother getting that type of money and having that type of power,” Joe said during their virtual chat. From here, Prince revealed that a group of guys in Houston put a hit out on him.

“I’ll give them a little more credit,” he said in response to Joe. “I think they knew who I was before I totally knew. They understood that my mind was dangerous. They was conspiring to destroy my mind, my thoughts before they came to full [fruition].” He went on to describe how he intimidated people around him simply for being a forward thinker.

“I believe with all my heart their objective was to kill me because they put a hitman on me that had from eight to 10 bodies,” the exec continued. Joey Crack, making sense of the unheard news, assumed a beef was created in efforts to take Prince out, but he cleared the air. “I don’t know if you call it a beef, but they hired him, a special guy to put on me. To put an end to me, that was his job. He wasn’t successful at his job, but that was his job,” Prince said with a smile.

Relating to his guest, Joe tells a story about how he was also set up. In the show’s Joeprah Moment, he shared that an informant made his rounds throughout the Bronx, however, Joe’s rapper alibi saved his life and career. In an untold story, he details that the informant was then killed once he was found to have been a snitch — and just a day after speaking with Joe. “He was so much [into] snitching that they called him a federal officer. These are the type of motherfuckers they sent at me,” the show host stated.

Resonating with his story, Prince straightened up more details on his end. “To make things clear, this guy that I’m saying had these eight bodies or so was a DEA agent,” he said. The exec went on to detail that several rogue police officers caused some trouble within the community. “They was tryna kill me. Now, a decade later, they just discovered who they really was and what they was doing out there in the streets. So, I understand where you coming from. A lot of guys have diarrhea at the mouth, we know what happens when you have diarrhea at the mouth. You not here to talk about,” Prince stated.

As the show progressed, the two continued to talk about Houston’s music scene, how Prince’s son found Drake and managed to get him signed, and the history the exec was able to create. But, not only did they discuss the past, but they tapped into the future as Prince detailed how he wants his legacy to live on. “Respect is a big thing for me… When I put out things with the name respect and loyalty, I do that because I bleed that. That’s in my heart. So, when you speak of legacy and words like that, I don’t [know] how to leave that out. I can’t leave that out because it’s part of my character,” he told Fat Joe. “If one could just remember me with that name in the mix, respect and loyalty, I’ll be satisfied with that,” he admitted.

Before it was all said and done, Fat Joe asked his favorite question, “Who’s your top five dead or alive?” “Geto Boyz, UGK, Tupac, Biggie, and I’ll put JAY-[Z] in there,” Prince said.

For all the other cool stories of the show, watch this week’s episode of “The Fat Joe Show” above!

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