On Thursday afternoon (March 11), President Joe Biden signed the $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill — meaning that a third round of stimulus checks will be distributed to Americans within the next few days.

According to CNN, the bill, which was signed two days early, will include “up to $1,400 stimulus payments, a $300 federal boost to weekly jobless benefits, an expansion of the child tax credit of up to $3,600 per child and $350 billion in state and local aid, as well as billions of dollars for K-12 schools to help students return to the classroom, to assist small businesses hard-hit by the pandemic and for vaccine research, development and distribution.”

Although the bill will provide financial relief for millions of people, it didn’t take long for social media users on Twitter to crack jokes. “Moneybagg Joe” became a trending topic after Pres. Biden signed the bill.

Twitter user @cinique3 tweeted, “Introducing Moneybagg Joe. ‘I just looked at my watch I got time today, Fuck it I’m signing the line today.’”

ViShawn and ‘MoneyBagg Joe’ gotta be the funniest characters Black Twitter has come up with in a while,” tweeted @nuffsaidny.

Social media user @JonnationDaRapa tweeted, “The FACK that Moneybagg Joe is trending makes me chuckle and embarrassed at the same time.”

“MoneyBagg Joe said, ‘Hunnids and 50s, can’t swap a dime for a penny. You know that’s a stupid decision,’” tweeted @KingGarry8.

Twitter user @maghoganymarie_ tweeted, “Calling Joe Biden ‘Moneybagg Joe’ is the funniest shit ever to me. Lmaoo I love Black people so much.”

“Y’all somebody said the bill was supposed to been signed tomorrow, but Moneybagg Joe looked at his watch and said HE GOT TIME today,” tweeted @Danya_Seymore.

“Just realized the bill was supposed to be signed tomorrow, but Moneybagg Joe came through today!” tweeted @theopizzy. “My president!”