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Twitter reacts to “WandaVision” finale, spawning #Vishawn memes

It ain’t Vision no more. It’s Vishawn.

WandaVision Marvel/Disney+

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe TV show “WandaVision” took to Twitter to express an array of emotions after the Disney Plus series aired its final episode Friday (March 5). The show premiered in mid-January, staging its heroine Wanda and hero Vision in eerie Westview, New Jersey — three weeks after the Avengers’ epic duel with Thanos in Endgame.

Episode nine of “WandaVision” was apparently polarizing for many viewers. On Twitter, some users shared that they anticipated a more exciting finale, while others were satisfied with the action-packed conclusion.

“I honestly feel betrayed for the past 8 weeks,” one person Tweeted.

“It wasn’t supposed to break me like this!” said another.

“You have to look at me like Vision looks at Wanda or I won’t believe you love me,” wrote a fan.

“I would allow her to break my heart any day,” one Tweeter wrote. That #WandaVisionFinale was everything I hoped it would be,” said another viewer.

“I haven’t been the same since the #WandaVisionFinale,” another fan chimed in.

Those who were seemingly unfazed by the show’s conclusion, decided to offer comical memes, converting the characters Vision into Vishawn and Wanda into LaWanda. The hashtag #Vishawn even trended on Saturday (March 6).

“It ain’t Vision no more. It’s Vishawn,” tweeted Brandon Pope.

“She had a vision of us together, I call that a false reality,” @Yan14singh posted

Black Twitter done gave this man the soul stone at this point,” a Tweeter joked.

One Tweeter even flipped The Weeknd’s “Heartless” lyrics: “Never need a witch I’m what a witch need.”

“I can always count on Black Twitter to make me laugh. Always!” wrote Adedayo Ademiju.

“Vishawn found out Wanda had kids and he left that woman on read,” one Tweeter joked.

Check out more Vishawn and LaWanda tweets below:

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