YoungBoy Never Broke Again missed out on an opportunity to work alongside J. Cole.

During a recent live session on Twitch, DJ Akademiks revealed that the 2014 Forest Hills Drive rapper was supposed to hop on a track with YoungBoy, but the Louisiana emcee allegedly fumbled the bag.

According to Ak, YoungBoy had a lot going on at the time and didn’t want to bring any negative vibes to their studio session.

“Youngboy be going through shit. He’s living life, he’s going through shit. YoungBoy said, ‘Yo, my energy is not fit to be in the studio with that guy.’ It wasn’t about J. Cole. It was just that he, and personally what he was going through, wasn’t fit to be in that environment.”

YoungBoy, who Ak says isn’t the most “courteous” person, failed to inform Cole that he wouldn’t make it, so the North Carolina emcee patiently waited for his arrival.

J. Cole waited in the studio for eight hours for YoungBoy to show up,” Akademiks explained. “YoungBoy didn’t show up. Facts. These are facts! Your favorite rapper, nigga. J. Cole? He sat in the studio for eight hours for a session with YoungBoy. YoungBoy never showed up.”

Social media users had mixed reactions to Ak’s story. Some wondered whether they could imagine the two emcees on the same track. A few people said YoungBoy missed out a rare opportunity, while others noted his mental health was more important.

“S/O to the universe for preventing a NBA Youngboy and J. Cole collab from happening. I didn’t need to know how that would sound,” one user tweeted.

Another wrote, “I’ve seen a lot of talking bout how J. Cole waited for YoungBoy at the studio for 8 hours [a]n[d] he didn’t show up. The fact that he didn’t go, its all ab[ou]t his fucked up mental health. YoungBoy’s mental health is more important than a collab!”