Today sees the release of Kehlani’s new album It Was Good Until It Wasn’t, which contains 15 new tracks and appearances from Jhené Aiko, Tory Lanez, Masego, James Blake, and Lucky Daye. In addition to the studio LP comes a new visual for the track “Open (Passionate),” a two-for-one offering of sorts that sees production from The Futuristiks, Roget, Marz, Los Hendrix, and Poo Bear. According to Apple Music, the song is described as being about “the insecurity of emotional openness,” as is made clear through its lyrics:

“Do I got you way too open to be open?/

Is the lens you see me through just way too focused?/

What if you’re curious and caught up in the moment?/

Can you hold me down when I’m across the ocean?/

Can you control it?/”

The accompanying, self-directed video keeps with previous drops in regards to sticking with quarantine protocol. Kehlani can be seen by herself, both in a hot tub with a remarkable view and driving a black Ferrari through the desert. Part two of the soulful number switches the scene from day to night, with a bundled up Kehlani singing directly to the viewer.

Speaking to “The Breakfast Club,” Kehlani spoke on how her life has been in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic:

I’m good, yeah. I have a one year old, she just had a walk around her birthday, which was in March. So just trying to like, finish up at my house, and do all of the, kind of the things that I would normally be doing outside, like, you know, these press runs, or music videos, or things like that. Doing it from inside my house has been a challenge, but it’s been super fun, so I’m good.

Press play on “Open (Passionate)” below. If you missed it, It Was Good Until It Wasn’t can be played in full here.