Since 1999, Coachella, the massive music festival held in the scorching desert of Indio, California, has been a major attraction. It's more than just a festival; it's an atmosphere where people come together to enjoy art, style and music in the scorching sun. Coachella used to be a utopia for independent music fans, with alt-rock taking center stage. But over time, the lineup changed to become a musical feast that included pop, EDM, rock, country and of course Hip Hop.

But let's rewind to 2010, when JAY-Z made history as the first rapper to headline Coachella, turning the desert into a Hip Hop haven. Since then, the rap game has been strong, drawing fans from all over to soak up the beats and sun. Below, celebrate the best Black performances that have graced the Coachella stage.

1. Beyoncé

Beychella was a turning point in Coachella's history, not just a passing trend. Beyoncé, who became the first Black woman to headline, commanded the stage during her two-hour performance, which celebrated Black culture and historically Black colleges.

Every minute of it, from the uplifting "Lift Every Voice and Sing" opening and the marching band and majorettes down to the "Diva" dance break, throbbed with unquestionable Black excellence. With an enduring impact on the festival and beyond, Beychella was a cultural statement that will forever go down in history.

2. Pharrell Williams

Pharrell's Coachella set was a rollercoaster of celebrity surprises. The first song of the performance was "Lapdance" by N.E.R.D. featuring Tyler, the Creator; and then Gwen Stefani's incredible performance of "Hollaback Girl." With "Drop It Like It's Hot" and "Beautiful," Snoop Dogg turned up the heat, and Diplo added his touch with "Aerosol Can." Nelly even showed up for an intense performance of "Hot In Herre." Pharrell didn't hold back when it came to his own hits, such as the upbeat "Happy" and songs from his album G I R L.

3. Outkast

Outkast's highly anticipated reunion at Coachella saw its fair share of challenges during the opening weekend, but they roared back with a vengeance for the second weekend. Armed with a revamped setlist and a fresh attitude, André 3000 and Big Boi delivered the electrifying performance fans had eagerly awaited for a decade.

From explosive hits like "B.O.B." to the nostalgic vibes of "ATLiens" and "Aquemini," their setlist of 27 songs was a journey through their illustrious career. Special guest appearances from Janelle Monáe, Future and Sleepy Brown added extra flair to the already exhilarating show. The performance ensured that the crowd was yearning for more long after the final note faded into the night.

4. JAY-Z

In 2010, JAY-Z made history by being the first rapper to headline Coachella. His set was a master class in Hip Hop artistry that combined lyrical skill and a commanding stage presence with hits from his vast catalog. JAY-Z's performance broke down barriers and allowed Hip Hop to perform at mainstream festivals, setting the stage for rap artists to headline big events in the future. It was a landmark event in music history that cemented JAY-Z's place as an industry trailblazer and rap icon.

5. Kanye West

With his boundary-pushing artistry and creative thinking, Kanye West's Coachella performances have been unforgettable spectacles. His My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album was brought to life on stage in 2011 with lavish sets, enticing theatrical elements and guest appearances.

His 2019 show, which became known as "Sunday Service," adopted a different strategy by focusing on gospel music and spiritual themes. Kanye created an immersive and one-of-a-kind experience that went beyond conventional concert formats, complete with a choir, live band and reimagined versions of his own songs.

6. Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar's appearances at Coachella have become legendary. He performed at Coachella for the first time in 2012. In 2017, Kendrick made a triumphant comeback as the festival's headliner bringing his album DAMN. to life through striking visuals and live instrumentation. He fascinated the audience and left an eternal mark on fans with his visually breathtaking and politically charged set.

7. Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Tupac

The innovative use of a hologram of Tupac Shakur during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg's Coachella 2012 performance made it an unforgettable occasion in the history of music. Alongside Dre and Snoop, this holographic portrayal of the late rap icon performed "Hail Mary" and "2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted" as if he were still alive.

The audience was astounded by the lifelike hologram, which also started discussions about how live performances will use technology in the future. Beyond the hologram, Dr. Dre and Snoop proved why they are Hip Hop royalty with a legendary set that included hits from their extensive catalogs. The Tupac hologram is still regarded as one of Coachella's most iconic moments and evidence of the lasting impact of Tupac's music.

8. Prince

Prince's 2008 Coachella set stands as evidence of his extraordinary talent and commanding stage presence. His musical mastery was on full display as he performed hits like "Let's Go Crazy," "1999" and "Purple Rain," which electrified the crowd. Coachella history will never be the same after Prince engaged the audience with his distinctive fashion sense and charm. For those who were lucky enough to see it live, his performance was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a testament to his status as a musical icon.

9. Victoria Monét

After the disappointment of not being accepted for the 2023 VMAs, Victoria Monét's Coachella performance in 2024 is an important milestone in her career. Despite obstacles, she commanded the Coachella stage with poise and assurance.

Her performance peaked during the intense "Get It Sexyy" dance break, where she radiated empowerment and sensuality. In addition to thrilling audiences with performances of hits like "On My Mama," the Grammy Award-winning R&B artist thrilled fans by revealing that the music video for her song "Alright" would soon be released.

10. Nas

In 2014, Nas celebrated the 20th anniversary of his groundbreaking album Illmatic with a historic Coachella performance. Admired for his compelling storytelling and superb lyrics, he commanded the stage with an intense performance of the album in its entirety.

From the somber tales of "NY State of Mind" to the optimistic hit "If I Ruled the World (Imagine That)," Nas' discography created a revitalizing energy that intrigued listeners. His show went above and beyond the usual festival fare, providing an immersive experience that honored the rich history of Hip Hop.

11. 21 Savage

With his distinct style and undeniable energy, 21 Savage hooked the Coachella audience in 2022. Well-known for his gritty lyrics and beats with a trap influence, he performed with unadulterated energy and raw authenticity. His most prominent hits, such as "Bank Account," "A Lot" and "X," were included in the setlist along with some timeless mixtape songs that excited fans. The attendance of 21 Savage at Coachella demonstrated both the impressive expansion of his fan base and the pure entertainment value of a well-executed Hip Hop set.

12. Big Sean

Fans eagerly awaited Big Sean's Coachella performance in 2022, and he did not let them down. The rapper walked onto the stage with style and confidence, and he played his greatest dance-able hits. Songs like "I Don’t F**k With You," "Bounce Back," and "Moves" had the crowd up and moving. Sean commanded the Coachella stage and left a lasting impression on everyone lucky enough to watch him perform.

13. Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion's Coachella performance in 2022 was a momentous occasion for both the artist and her fans. Aside from the turmoil she faced from the world at that moment, Meg came out with confidence and engaged the audience from start to finish. Her set was filled with high-energy performances of her biggest hits, including "WAP," “Savage” and "Body." One of the most memorable moments of her performance was when Megan debuted her new song "Plan B" for the first time live, sending the crowd into a frenzy of excitement. She was hailed as the "Hot Girl Coach" and left fans eagerly anticipating what was next from the rap sensation.

14. Cardi B

Not long after the release of her debut album, Invasion of Privacy, Cardi B and her growing baby bump made an appearance at Coachella. During her performance, she introduced a number of the artists that are featured on the album: Chance the Rapper for "Best Life," Kehlani for "Ring," YG for "She Bad," 21 Savage for "Bartier Cardi" and G-Eazy joined her on stage for "No Limit." This performance left a lasting impression on the audience, establishing her place among the music industry's most influential artists.

15. Latto

Latto's breakthrough performance came in 2023 at Coachella. When she debuted her hit single "Put It On Da Floor," the audience got hooked by its caption-able bars and memorable hook. Her reputation as one of Hip Hop's rising stars was solidified when the song quickly became a fan favorite. Beyond merely performing the hit records, Latto's Coachella set served as a proof of her artistic versatility and talent.

16. Doja Cat

Doja Cat's return to Coachella as a headliner in 2024 was a visual feast, surpassing her previous performance in 2022. On "Demons," with backup dancers dressed like yetis and flames shooting up across the stage, her long blonde hair blended in perfectly with her outfit. The atmosphere was amplified with special guest appearances, including 21 Savage for "n.h.i.e." and ASAP Rocky for "URRRGE!!!!!!!!!!" A massive T-Rex skeleton appeared during "WYM Freestyle," adding more attraction to an amazing performance.