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Capitol officer allegedly told units to focus only on anti-Trump protesters during riots

The USCP claims the order was made to prevent clashes between pro-Trump supporters and individuals who were anti-Trump.

Capitol rioters Shay Horse/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Nearly four months after pro-Trump rioters stormed the U.S. Capitol, more information about the fatal insurrection has been revealed. According to findings of a new internal investigation, “all outside units” were instructed by a Capitol police officer to keep their eyes on anti-Trump supporters.

As CNN reported, a radio broadcast was found by the Department Office of Professional Responsibility during a review of officers’ conduct in the riots. Rep. Zoe Lofgren — chair of the House Administration Committee — described the unreleased audio during a committee meeting about the security failures that took place amid the riots.

“Attention all units on the field, we’re not looking for any pro-Trump [supporters] in the crowd,” the officer said, per Lofgren. “We’re only looking for any anti pro-Trump [individuals] who want to start a fight.”

The Capitol Police later responded to the claims, noting that the radio call was not only “misquoted” but is also “lacking ... necessary context.” In their statement issued on Thursday (April 22), they included a transcript to the broadcast.

“With regards to pedestrian traffic on — on the grounds today, we anticipate a — a large presence for pro-Trump participants,” the transcript reads. “What we’re looking for is any anti-Trump counter protestor.”

During the Jan. 6 siege, Trump supporters gathered together in hopes to contest Joe Biden’s presidential certification. The USCP explained that the officer’s order was an effort to prevent clashes between the pro-Trump rioters and anti-Trump individuals who attended the event.

“Officers were also instructed to look out for potential counter demonstrators because locations with counter demonstrators could be where clashes between the two groups of demonstrators occur,” the USCP said in the statement. “The radio call does not mean USCP was only looking out for anti-Trump counter protestors.”

The unidentified Capitol cop was only one of many officers who were involved in the DC riots. As of February, six US Capitol Police officers were suspended with pay. A probe into officers’ participation in the insurrection is ongoing.

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