The East Atlanta Santa has built up a renowned career in Hip Hop by releasing albums as cold as his frosty jewelry collection. Gucci Mane, a trap music pioneer, helped set the groundwork for Atlanta's thriving music scene today. His influence is evident. He’s shaped the gritty, hard-hitting sound that defines Hip Hop and influenced other performers in the process. The Trap God’s discography reflects his relentless hustle and evolving artistry from the slums of Zone 6 to mainstream success.

From the release of his debut, Trap House, in 2005 to Breath of Fresh Air and many more, Gucci Mane has established himself as a heavy hitter with no plans of stopping anytime soon. Let's explore Guwop's world and rank his 16 albums below.

16. Ice Daddy

With songs like "Posse on Bouldercrest," "Never Runnin Out of Money" and "S**t Crazy," Ice Daddy seems mostly concerned with Gucci Mane's team, his financial success and showing his authority. A star-studded roster — including Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Dolph, E-40 and others — joins the journey, with the surprise addition of the "Baby Got Back" MC Sir Mix-A-Lot adding an intriguing twist.

15. Breath of Fresh Air

Breath of Fresh Air feels like an excellent recognition of Gucci Mane's significant influence, which unfortunately took longer than necessary to be recognized. However, the highlight of the 24-track project is "Stomach Grumbling," in which the East Atlanta Santa addresses some urgent topics like the 2023 writers’ strike and AI impersonating artists.

14. Delusions of Grandeur

Delusions of Grandeur feels like Gucci's victory lap, as he seems to be using every chance to celebrate his journey. On the track "Special," he securely announces, "I don't need diamonds to make me special." "Proud of You" serves as a personal pep talk, and in "Human Chandelier," he proudly boasts himself as "the coldest n**ga who ever lived." Mr. Zone 6 also welcomed several assists from artists such as Wiz Khalifa, Anuel AA and Justin Bieber for this album.

13. Trap-A-Thon

Trap-A-Thon debuted in 2007 and illustrated Guwop's swift development. His success may be attributed to two major characteristics: His ongoing collaboration with Zaytoven, and his unparalleled wordplay. The trap star distinguishes himself as one of the few modern rappers who can write hooks without relying on an R&B chorus. Records like "Freaky Gurl," "Choppa Shoppin" and "Bad Guys" are a testament to this.

12. Murder Was The Case

Murder Was The Case is a compilation of significant tracks from the rapper’s outstanding series of mixtapes dropped in 2008. Released in May 2009, this album gave these songs the professional mastering treatment that street tapes frequently lack. At the same time, the project provided insight into Gucci’s progression between 2007's Back to the Traphouse and 2009's The State vs. Radric Davis. Despite his persistent emphasis on familiar themes such as sex, drugs, cars and jewels, his evolution is obvious throughout this release.

11. Back to the Traphouse

Gucci Mane's fourth album — his first on a big label — is a mix of gloomy, yet amusing beats and his trademark intriguing rhymes delivered in his trademark East Atlanta drawl. His collaboration with Zaytoven shines brightest on tracks like "Bird Flu," in which the producer's futuristic melodies and sluggish pounding percussion serve as the perfect backdrop for Gucci Mane's laid-back, yet dominating flow. Back to the Traphouse is an excellent example of La Flare’s effortless appeal and unquestionable talent.

10. Woptober II

The follow-up to his 2016 mixtape Woptober generated a massive buzz, peaking at No. 9 on the Billboard 200. Woptober II, released in October 2019, featured a mature Gucci Mane who remained true to his distinctive flow while tapping in Megan Thee Stallion and Quavo for some extra flair. Guwop 15th studio album reminds us why he’s still a powerhouse in the game.

9. Evil Genius

After a year of silence following a successful three-project run, Gucci returned with the iconic Evil Genius. Released in 2018, the Trap-Rap pioneer's 13th studio album peaked at No. 3 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. It also received recognition for its expert production and outstanding guest appearances from Bruno Mars, Kodak Black and Migos.

8. Hard to Kill

Hard to Kill is a seminal album that displayed La Flare’s uncompromising style and street bravado. Big Guwop established himself as an influential figure in the rap scene with the grimy sounds and upfront lyrics of this 2006 release. Tracks like "Freaky Girl" and "Pillz" captured audiences and propelled Gucci Mane to the forefront of trap music.

7. The Return of East Atlanta Santa

The star’s third album saw him reach both his musical and physical peak. Channeling his old self and overflowing with enthusiasm, the “Both” hitmaker ended the clone speculations that surfaced upon his prison release. He returned practically unrecognizable, with a beard, polished abs and a fresh, sober viewpoint on life. Zaytoven once again created the album’s sound, but this time, alongside other Atlanta producers that Gucci Mane promoted, The Return of East Atlanta Santa saw assistance from producers Mike WiLL Made-It and Metro Boomin, who have since become industry titans.

6. Everybody Looking

Everybody Looking was Gucci’s first release after his prison sentence, and it was met with great expectations. The album reached No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and No.1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. While the LP didn’t have many features, it included heavyweights such as Drake for "Back on Road," Kanye West for "P**sy Print," and Young Thug for "Guwop Home." The project’s raw honesty and Gucci Mane's unreserved lyricism solidified its status as a triumphant return for the trap music king.

5. Trap House

While his debut album Trap House didn’t make an immediate impact, it revolutionized the trap music genre. The lead hit, "Icy," which features Jeezy and Boo, became an ATL anthem. The noteworthy project laid the framework for the icon's career because it presented his raw storytelling and creative production choices. Trap House paved the way for the East Atlanta legend that we know and love today.

4. The State vs. Radric Davis

The Trap God violates standard rhyming and beat-making rules entirely in The State vs. Radric Davis. Instead, he focuses only on his unique tastes. "Heavy" highlights Gucci's ability to create entire choruses from a single word. This legendary album also included major tunes such as "Lemonade," "Wasted" and "Bricks," which helped it gain mainstream exposure.

3. Mr. Davis

In 2017, Guwop released his 11th studio album, which did not disappoint. Mr. Davis rose to No. 2 on the Billboard 200. Its popular songs include "I Get the Bag" with Migos, "Tone It Down" with Chris Brown and "Make Love" with Nicki Minaj. The project is the ultimate demonstration of Mr. Zone 6’s ability to write killer verses while creating gripping hooks that highlight his Southern flavor.

2. Droptopwop

When Gucci Mane was released from prison, he maintained his newfound sobriety with a clear mind. The hitmaker wasted no time collaborating with Metro Boomin to capitalize on his clarity, creating tracks with a bizarre and frightening feel. The features for Droptopwop are right on. Offset gives the perfect touch to "Met Gala," and 2 Chainz and Young Dolph deliver on "Both Eyes Closed." This is one of those iconic albums to blast in your drop top in the summer.

1. The Appeal: Georgia’s Most Wanted

Released in 2010, Gucci's 7th studio album represents a milestone in his career as a trap music connoisseur. In The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted, the trap mogul finds the perfect mix between his gritty street poetry and a more mainstream sound, resulting in some of the Atlanta artist’s biggest singles, including "Gucci Time" with Swizz Beatz.