Drake wants all the smoke in the rap beef that has everyone awaiting Kendrick Lamar’s response to “Push Ups.” Seemingly in an attempt to bait the Compton emcee to hit back, Drizzy released another track, “Taylor Made Freestyle,” at midnight on Instagram on Saturday (April 20). In the post’s caption, he wrote, “While we wait on you, I guess.”

But unlike his previous diss effort, he enlisted the help of AI technology to feature the likenesses of Tupac Shakur and Snoop Dogg to provoke K. Dot to rise to the occasion. “Kendrick, we need ya’, the West Coast savior/ Engraving your name in some Hip Hop history, if you deal with this viciously/ You seem a little nervous about all the publicity/ F**k this Canadian light skin, Dot,” began Tupac’s deep-fake as the track opened.

It went on to take additional shots on the diss with lines like “Call him a b**ch for me, talk about him liking young girls, that’s a gift from me/ Heard it on ‘The Budden Podcast,’ it’s gotta be true/ They told me to spare ‘em, the Makaveli is alive/ And a n**ga under 5-foot-5, so it's gotta be you,” before tagging AI Snoop into the lyrical melee.

“Nephew, what the f**k you really got to do?/ Passed you the torch at the House of Blues, now you gotta do some dirty work, you know how to move, right, right/ I know you never been to jail, orange jumpsuits and shower shoes, never shot nobody, never stabbed nobody, never did nothin’ violent/ And known’ it’s the homies that empower you, but still/ You gotta show these f**kin idols who’s boss on the West,” rapped an AI Snoop.

“The Next Episode” artist seemingly addressed the fan craze surrounding his “feature” with his own post. “They did what? When? How? Are you sure?…Y’all have a good night… Everybody calling my phone, blowing me up. What the f**k done happened? What’s going on?” said Snoop as he laughed in a self-recorded video. His caption was a series of emojis, including a mic and a robot.

The latest round of barbs came hours after Drake released “Push Ups” to streaming platforms. An earlier version leaked online last week, spurring debates on whether it was created with AI. This time around, it’s obvious that the technology was utilized, but the Hip Hop community is divided on how to feel about its use in this instance. See what people have been saying in the tweets below.