Come June 14, Don Toliver will bless the masses with his fourth studio LP, Hardstone Psycho, which was led by the well-received singles "Bandit" and "Deep In The Water." On Wednesday (May 22), he brought forth another track titled "Attitude," a collaboration with R&B legend Charlie Wilson and sexy drill frontrunner Cash Cobain.

Over smooth melodies and drill's signature hi hats, Toliver used the song’s chorus to flex his wealth, sexual prowess, and more.

"Hundred twenty mill', makin' cash flow, I need me a Lamb' with the a** on it/ Don't show me that lil' booty, put some pants on it, but, baby, you get freaky, make her dance on it/ Ever since I got money, I got attitude, can't be no broke b**ch, I might get mad at you/ Can't be no broke baby, I might get mad at you, can't be no h**, n**ga, I might just snatch your boo/ All this s**t that I got, I got it straight out the pot/ I gotta complete on her body, I'm makin' it, makin' it hot..."

The accompanying clip keeps with the motorcycle club theme from recent visuals, complete with Toliver and his crew's matching leather uniforms. In addition to a cameo from Travis Scott, performance shots of Cobain and Wilson are interspersed with footage of people dancing and twerking in the streets.

In an interview with Notion, Cobain -- who also produced "Attitude" -- spoke on the rise of New York's sexy drill movement. “[It] makes you feel sexy... It makes you want to vibe. It doesn’t make you want to kill somebody," he explained about the laid-back subgenre. "I’m coolin’. I’m not trying to be out here shooting all night. I’m trying to get a girl. That was always me anyway. We didn’t put much thought into it. We were just doing us, bro.”

Press play on "Attitude" below.