Despite having 10 nominations, Travis Scott has yet to win at the Grammy Awards. Still, the Houston rapper remains committed to the accolade's significance.

Speaking on HBO's "The Shop," alongside figures like LeBron James and Ice Spice, he expressed his ongoing respect for the Grammy Awards, even in light of his frequent snubs. "A lot of our peers, everyone’s like, ‘F**k that award.’ I f**k with it. You play football to win a Super Bowl; you play basketball to win championships. It’s what that Grammy used to mean is the idea I hold on to. I love to create music,” the artist said.

He also voiced his frustration with the Grammys’ scheduling, particularly how the Hip Hop categories are handled. "It’s crazy rap’s not on TV. It’s like, you sit there and they air the rap award at 2 or 1:30 [p.m.], but you gotta perform at 8:30 [p.m.]. So, imagine losing at 1:30 [p.m.] and having to sit there for seven hours? Like, f**k this s**t. You be like, ‘I wanna just dip. F**k this s**t,'" Scott explained.

Scott’s two most recent albums, UTOPIA and ASTROWORLD, were both contenders for Rap Album of the Year but didn’t win. They lost to Killer Mike's MICHAEL and Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy, respectively. Nonetheless, the 32-year-old delivered a memorable performance on the Grammy stage in February, including renditions of “MY EYES," “I KNOW ?” and “FE!N."

Scott isn’t the only person who thinks he should’ve won at this year’s ceremony. During a broadcast, Kai Cenat voiced his opinion about Mike nabbing the accolade: “Hey brother, God bless you. Congratulations. Who decided this motherf**ker? Who the f**k decided this motherf**ker?”

Mike later extended an invitation to Cenat to do a livestream together.