Last Sunday (Feb. 4), Killer Mike took home three Grammys for Best Rap Album, Best Rap Performance and Best Rap Song. His critically acclaimed album MICHAEL and “SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS” featuring André 3000, Future and Eryn Allen Kane both won.

Like in any competitive setting, some people felt like he got an award he didn’t deserve. Namely, Kai Cenat felt like Travis Scott’s UTOPIA would’ve been a better choice for Best Rap Album. During his Twitch livestream, the internet personality said, “I don’t know who this is, OK? Aye, brother, God bless you. Congratulations. I don’t know who you are… Who the f**k decided this motherf**ker? [Drake and 21 Savage’s] Her Loss? UTOPIA? Metro Boomin?”

Subsequently, Joe Budden chimed in on the debate and issued a stern warning to broadcasters like Cenat, which caused Adin Ross to jump into the discussion. The Florida native challenged the rapper-turned-podcaster to a race for $100 million. He stated, “I know all you old heads only care about money and s**t.”

On Thursday (Feb. 8) evening, Mike gave his first interview since winning at the 66th annual Grammy Awards. Speaking to GQ, he shared his opinion and, to the surprise of some, sided with the youth. “I like UTOPIA, too. I like Drake and Savage together, too. I like the OG, Nas. I like all this because there’s room in my mind to like and love different music for different moods, for different perspectives. So I’d just invite you to f**k with me, bro,” he said while addressing Cenat. “You should have invited me to the room because I f**k with you, and I’ll bring you a broom.”

Regarding Ross, Mike explained, “Adin, don’t waste all your time arguing with old folks, man. I salute you. I love to see what y’all young brothers are doing… I appreciate you guys for loving music, period. And I invite you to f**k with mine. You might find something you f**k with.”

On Tuesday (Feb. 6), the rapper announced that he would be selling a $100 broom as merchandise. It featured “MICHAEL” and “CLEAN SWEEP” stamped on its cap. The broom sold out within a day.