In the soulful sphere of Rhythm and Blues, ink has become more than just skin deep. It expresses individual artistic statements. Many could even say that tattoos are visual orchestration that mirrors countless musicians' melodic narratives. From being flaunted by sultry soulful singers to powerhouse divas with even more powerful voices, tats have become a part of R&B culture, with each design representing a chapter in each star’s personal story. These inked artworks often depict triumph, love, pain and so much more. Below, let’s take a look at 13 of R&B’s most uniquely tattooed artists. Do you spot any of your favorites?

1. Chris brown

Chris Brown, an all-around artist, naturally showcases some of the most unique ink adorning his body. Among his extensive collection, one standout piece graces the back of his head. In an Instagram post, he elucidated its significance: "Venus De Milo; the Greek Goddess of Love. Bull represents the Taurus that I am. Strategically placed on the left side of my head in protection of my heart for the Love of my Goddess... ROYALTY is everything, and as men, we protect that with everything!" This is concrete evidence of his versatility. Who else could effortlessly rock a head tattoo with such profound symbolism?

2. Kehlani

When it comes to women with powerful vocals and eye-catching tattoos, Kehlani immediately comes to mind. Among her inked expressions, she boasts a portrait of Lauryn Hill. Widely regarded for her influence on countless artists, Hill holds a special place in many hearts. However, Kehlani's ink tribute takes this admiration to a whole new level by capturing the profound impact of The Fugees member’s artistry on her own journey.

3. Rihanna

Rihanna's upper abdomen tattoo is a popular and visually appealing part of her body art collection. The goddess is depicted with wings outstretched and holding an ankh, a symbol of life, in one hand. The ink is detailed and elaborate with ornate patterns and symbols interwoven throughout the design. It reinforces her reputation as a trendsetter in both fashion and body art, inspiring many fans and admirers to express themselves, too.

4. Summer Walker

Summer Walker's embrace of facial tattoos challenges traditional beauty standards, while inspiring others to reject societal pressures and embrace their own unique identities. As a boundary-pushing artist, she promotes authenticity and self-expression. Her fearless approach is an indication of liberation in a world dominated by rigid ideas of beauty.

5. SZA

SZA's tattoo of an Egyptian scarab beetle on her shoulder represents the ancient belief in the creation and renewal of life. In Egyptian mythology, the scarab beetle, also known as a kheper, was associated with the sun god Ra and was thought to roll the sun across the sky, symbolizing the cycle of death and rebirth. By wearing this symbol, SZA honors the eternal cycle of life and the enduring power of renewal.

6. Ty Dolla Sign

Ty Dolla Sign's neck tattoo reads “Dolla Sign” and is both a tribute to his stage name and a symbol of his dedication to financial success. The symbol represents wealth, success and prosperity, and it reflects his status as a successful musician and entrepreneur. The standout neckpiece makes a bold statement about his artistic persona as well as his association with money and luxury.

7. Mario

Many R&B artists have embraced the trend of adorning themselves with chains and jewelry, but Mario took it a step further by opting for a forever chain in the form of a tattoo. His necklace ink resembles a chain, complete with a unique pendant, adding a distinctive touch to his style. While the singer hasn't disclosed the specific meaning behind the body art, it stands as a beautiful symbol that adds to his overall aesthetic.

8. Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor's custom rose piece on her sternum celebrates her journey of motherhood with son Rue Rose’s birth and was crafted by tattoo artist Ryan Henry. This meaningful ink serves as a testament to Taylor's love for her newest bundle of joy while enhancing her already striking physique with grace and intentionality.

9. Omarion

Omarion's iconic "O with the crown" tattoo had a significant impact on the 1990s generation, inspiring many to emulate his style by having their initials inked in a similar manner. This distinctive tattoo became synonymous with Omarion's debut album, O.