Mario has 20-plus years in the industry and is still having to remind some forgetful music lovers that not only did he have the radio airwaves on lock throughout the early 2000s but also that his contributions to R&B are not going anywhere.

The singer/songwriter is the latest talented artist to grace the blue walls of the widely popular YouTube series “The Terrell Show.” The episode, which went live on Friday (Oct. 20), was 33 minutes of Mario’s flawless vocals being effortlessly showcased as he sang snippets of some of his biggest hits, like “Just A Friend 2002,” “Let Me Love You,” “Music For Love,” and more, in between being peppered with questions about his enduring career and his infamous Verzuz showdown against Omarion.

“I had secondhand embarrassment because they were embarrassing themselves,” said Mario after host Terrell Grice jokingly asked why the singer upstaged the “Ice Box” performer and special guest Jeremih. “It was crazy because a lot of people was doubting me so much, so I think the reaction was so crazy because they wasn’t expecting to be reminded of how great I am,” he added. But all jokes aside, the multiplatinum recording artist is serious about adding to the growing resurgence of R&B.

“This year’s ‘bout to be crazy as far as creativity,” he told Grice about his upcoming project that is in the works. “I think it’s just gon’ be my most immersive project, you know, I’m saying in terms of creativity, storytelling, [and] musicality. I’mma try to do it all in one, you know? I think it’s possible. So I’m teaming up with some real wizards, you know what I’m saying, to really make it happen.” While keeping details about the LP under wraps, Mario did divulge that James Fauntleroy is among the “wizards” adding to the magic of his sixth studio album.

“It’s time to raise the bar… I’mma get into some deep stuff, but I’m also gonna have fun and be who I am as a full spectrum,” explained the Turning Point vocalist. The album is due out sometime next year and will be accompanied by a tour. In the meantime, fans can press play on Mario’s latest single, “Main One” featuring Lil Wayne and Tyga. The track dropped in July, and the official video has been racking up millions of views since August.