Rappers use their skill at writing lyrics to create vivid portraits of their experiences. A captivating feature is the way they skillfully incorporate their relationships with sisters into their poetry, enhancing the intricacy of their narrative.

Through the lens of rap, these artists explore sibling bonds, blurring the lines between family, love and hardship. From challenging societal norms to celebrating triumphs and expressing solidarity, they use their craft to convey the complexities. Each lyric adds a unique layer and showcases the versatility that defines the genre. Check out some of lyrics about sisterly love below.

1. Real Sisters by Future: “First met the b**ch she say they real sisters/ I don’t give a f**k if they were real sisters.”

Future’s unapologetic and raw expression brings out the complexities of relationships, challenging the traditional notions of sisterhood. In the song “Real Sisters,” Hendrix let it be known that he isn’t opposed to dating biological sisters. The line blurs between familial ties and personal connections, and set the tone for a narrative that goes beyond conventional boundaries.

2. Lick or Sum by GloRilla: “Quit calling me sis, I’m tryna f**k your baby dad.”

GloRilla‘s provocative line in “Lick or Sum” highlights the intensity and drama that can unfold while developing new friendships among women. You may be looking to explore genuine connection, while the other is wanting to connect with your other half as she stated in this bar. The lyrics confront societal expectations and showcase the rebellious nature of the artist.

3. 6 Foot 7 Foot by Lil Wayne: “Life is a b**ch and death is her sister/ Sleep is the cousin what a f**king family picture.”

Lil Wayne’s poetic lyricism takes a philosophical turn, portraying life, death and sleep as interconnected family members. The metaphorical family picture created by Wayne adds a thought-provoking dimension to the portrayal of sisters in rap lyrics. In “6 Foot 7 Foot,” Tunechi further deepens this metaphor, skillfully comparing life and death as two sides of the same coin to weave a moving story that goes beyond traditional lyrical bounds.

4. Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac: “I give a holler to my sisters on welfare/ Tupac cares if don’t nobody else care.”

Tupac’s classic track “Keep Ya Head Up” resonates with a message of empowerment and solidarity. The line reflects on the struggles of sisters facing economic challenges, emphasizing the importance of support and care within the family unit. Tupac created a legacy of using his voice to advocate for women, and this line reflects that love for his sisters on welfare.

5. Sum 2 Prove by Lil Baby: “Eviction notice, my sister, my mama/ Now they house as big as they want them.”

Lil Baby‘s journey from adversity to success is reflected in his lyrics. In the song “Sum 2 Prove,” the mention of an eviction notice highlights the hardships faced by his sister and mother, and turns the narrative into a tale of triumph and resilience. It’s no secret that the “Freestyle” rapper is very generous to the ones that he loves and even strangers. This line is an ode to bringing life with his mom and sister full circle.

6. 5% TINT by Travis Scott: “I pick through the family, grab the bad sister like Janet.”

Travis Scott’s reference to Janet Jackson in “5% TINT” adds a pop culture twist to the exploration of sisters in rap lyrics. The playful line showcases Cactus Jack’s ability to blend personal experiences with cultural references. This line was a head-turner as he was dating Kylie Jenner at the time of its release.

7. My Homies Still by Lil Wayne: “Got your sister dancing, not the kind that’s in a tutu.”

Lil Wayne’s playful yet provocative line in “My Homies Still” adds a touch of humor to the portrayal of sisters. The contrast between the innocence of dancing in a tutu and the implied adult nature of the scenario creates a memorable and witty image. Mr. Make It Rain is no stranger to strip clubs, so fans can only imagine where someone’s sister might have been dancing.

8. Hot S**t by Cardi B, Kayne West and Lil Durk: “Cardi where your sister at? I need Henny now.”

Kanye West let it be known that he had his eye on Cardi’s sister Hennessy in this line on the song “Hot S**t.” The lyrics capture the carefree and lively spirit of the rap scene while also emphasizing the bond between artists and their sisters in a festive setting. Cardi B and Hennessy share their tight bond publicly and celebrate the ups and downs of their sisterhood.

9. Major by Young Dolph: “Got two twin sisters, call them Yin Yang.”

Young Dolph’s clever wordplay with the concept of Yin and Yang adds a symbolic layer to the portrayal of twin sisters. In the same line, he also shouts out the popular ATL rap group, the Ying Yang Twins, who made a major impact on the sound of music in the South. The line reflects on the duality within sibling relationships, acknowledging both the contrasts and harmonies that make them unique.

10. Tomorrow 2 by GloRilla: “Sliding with my gang and ‘nem, look at them like sisters.”

GloRilla‘s inclusion of the term “sisters” within the context of a gang highlights the unconventional bonds that can form outside traditional family structures. The tie between Glo and her gang is obvious as each one of them has risen to stardom in their own right. Sometimes sisters are born together, but sometimes they are created through love and loyalty.