On Wednesday (Feb. 7), Mo’Nique appeared on the latest episode of Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast. Much like Katt Williams’ sit-down with the NFL great, the Baltimore talent was more than willing to air her grievances about several comedic peers — including D.L. Hughley, who’s name came up an hour and two minutes into the clip.

According to Mo’Nique, she felt that, in his absence, his radio show hosts disrespected her during a game of “Would You Rather” and he was dismissive about her complaint. She also revisited a conflict with The Original Kings of Comedy star that stemmed from confusion over who was headlining a 2022 event.

Not long after the “Club Shay Shay” episode first aired, Hughley posted a video reaction on Instagram denying everything that Mo’Nique said to Sharpe. In the post’s description, he wrote, “The reason lies and false narratives continue to go on and circulate is because they go unchecked. What you’re not gonna do is call me out my name and not get checked. Mo’Nique is a liar!”

Hughley continued, “She is constantly throwing the rock and hiding the hand. You don’t get to tear people down and then soften the blow by calling them ‘Brotha,’ ‘Sista,’ or ‘Sweet baby.’ That’s not love, far from it.”

As REVOLT previously reported, Mo’Nique used the same platform to speak on Taraji P. Henson’s comments about being an underpaid Black woman in Hollywood. “Taraji and I had a conversation over a decade ago in my trailer when I was doing ‘The Monique Show,'” she recalled. “And she said, ‘You know, you gotta keep on getting it until your turn comes.’ And I said, ‘Taraji, most of us die before our turn comes. We gotta ask for it right now.’ Now, I understand that because there was a time I felt the same way because that’s what I was told.”