Snoop Dogg has a story to tell with his own biopic in the works at Death Row Pictures, but if he could bring someone else’s story to the masses, it would be none other than the lyrical GOAT, LL Cool J.

The West Coast Hip Hop icon made it abundantly clear during a recent media event when asked about being entrusted with a project of that magnitude. “What’s up, Unc? I done already got at you about it already, Unc, you know what I’m saying. What we talking about? What we doing? I can’t tell mine without telling yours first ‘cause it would be no me without you,” he told Rock The Bells.

As for who would be cast as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Snoop humorously said, “Some actor from London.” In a British accent, he added, “He’s going to come over here and play LL Cool J. When you say action, that n**ga gon’ sound like he from Queens. When you say cut, ‘Okay, get me some tea.’”

A little over a year ago, LL tweeted, “Should I do a biopic?” to his fans. An impressive number of responses were in support of the rap titan putting his life on the big screen. But among the replies were also suggestions of actors who could pull off the role. Some of the names that were thrown out there include “Sistas” star Devale Ellis, “Black Lightning” antagonist Jordan Calloway, “Everybody Hates Chris” standout Tequan Richmond, and Kevin Phillips, who may be best known for his roles in The Harder They Fall and Red Tails.

Mack Wilds nominated himself for the gig, with the support of many, when he wrote, “I mean… what are we talking about?” After declaring his interest, he did an interview where he explained that he has held a deep reverence for the emcee since childhood.

“I’ve been trying to figure out if he’d do a biopic for years,” said Wilds. “LL was my very first concert. He did a free concert at Wingate Park in Brooklyn. My dad took me ’cause he saw I really connected to his music. He was my first understanding of stage presence.”

LL did not follow up with any public plans to turn his life story into a movie, but it is undeniable that Snoop and his fans are ready to support the project whenever it comes to fruition.