Last Friday (Jan. 26), Eminem reignited his longstanding feud with Benzino via his appearance on Lyrical Lemonade’s “Doomsday Pt. 2.” On the All Is Yellow standout, the Shady legend took a rather comical approach with his diss and referenced Benzino’s daughter, Coi Leray. In response, the Almighty RSO alum fired back with two songs, “Vulturius” and “Rap Elvis,” the latter of which mentions previous comments about Eminem made by a Detroit peer.

Icewear Vezzo said, ‘Yo, Em don’t be showin’ the city love,’ why you ain’t got no words for him, huh? He in your city, bruh/ I wonder why, we wanna see, just say something please, couldn’t be possibly that you ain’t really from them streets…”

On Wednesday (Jan. 31), Vezzo took to his Instagram Stories to both address the issue and criticize Benzino. “It’s all gangsta, ya heard? I did fed time with your big brother. I don’t think it made sense that you brought me up in a diss song for a few reasons,” he began. “Number one, I don’t second nothing you said, and number two, I’m never going against a n**ga from my city for a n**ga from another city. I don’t go against the grain, we don’t move like that. I think you got the wrong impression of Detroit, Michigan and of who I am. It don’t work like that.”

Vezzo continued, “[Eminem] ain’t gotta make no diss songs to say nothing back to me ’cause I ain’t disrespect or discredit who he is. What he did might never get done again. [Eminem is one of the] top five lyricists, dead or alive. That s**t not even arguable or debatable. And he put n**gas on from his area.”

If you missed it, you can check out Eminem and Benzino’s war on wax below.