Today (Jan. 24), 21 Savage became the latest guest on Shannon Sharpe’s wildly popular “Club Shay Shay” podcast. At the beginning of the interview, he was asked about his British background and what he can recall from his time there.

“I remember small things, but not like a lot,” he admitted. “Like going to my grandma’s house, being with my mama. I remember going to the stores across the street. On my mama’s side of town, it’s this s**t called a high street, and it’s like a street just full of stores. I remember walking over there. I remember more from when we went back and visited. ‘Cause we went back once to go visit when I was a little older, so I remember that more than I remember stuff while I was there, when I was younger.”

The conversation segued into 21’s move from London, U.K. to Atlanta, Georgia. When asked if the two environments were vastly different, 21 Savage stated, “It is but it ain’t, though, to me. It look different, but it’s the same s**t.”

While he quickly found friends in Atlanta, the Slaughter Gang star also found himself getting into conflicts due to his London accent. “I got in a fight on the first day of school. On God. They used to tease me,” he told Sharpe. “I get on the bus or whatever, they start talking to me. So they’re making fun of me on the way to school. So we get on the bus to go home, they making fun of me on the way home.”

21 Savage continued, “So we get off the bus. One of the older dudes, his brother was the main one. So the older brother said something [that was] basically like, ‘Fight him.’ So we get off the bus [and] I beat him up.” He ended the story with a humorous anecdote about his mother grabbing his ear to pull him into the house, which was her response to hearing about the fight from girls in the neighborhood.

Check out the full “Club Shay Shay” interview below. If you missed it, you can check out his new album, american dream, here.