Aquarians, also known as the “water bearers” of the zodiac, celebrate their season between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18.

As one of three signs with planetary rulers, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn and Uranus, which are both responsible for their approach to life. Thanks to Uranus, those who have this placement can find themselves wanting to have fun, while also rebelling against societal norms. Saturn is responsible for Aquarius’ intelligence and desire to lead.

Some words that describe an Aquarius include ethereal, unique, loyal and artistic. Honing in on their creativity is something that sets Aquarians apart from the rest. Check out our list of singers who just happen to have been born under this sun sign.

1. Alicia Keys

An iconic figure in the world of R&B and soul, Alicia Keys, was born on Jan. 25, 1981. As a singer, songwriter and pianist, Keys has consistently mesmerized audiences with her powerful voice and profound musicality. She is also recognized for her advocacy work and commitment to social justice. With an Aquarian spirit, Keys brings innovation and a sense of purpose to her artistry by using her platform to address important issues.

2. Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage, born on Feb. 5, 1980, has become a trailblazer in the Nigerian music scene. As a singer, songwriter and actress, her powerful voice and magnetic stage presence have garnered international acclaim. Her ability to fuse Afrobeats with global sounds showcases the boundary-pushing nature that is associated with Aquarius.

3. Bob Marley

This talented singer, songwriter and guitarist left an indelible mark on the world of music with his influential reggae sound and powerful lyrics. Born on Feb. 6, 1945, Bob Marley became a global icon for his ability to blend social commentary with infectious rhythms. His music, often infused with messages of love, peace and unity, continues to resonate across cultural and geographical boundaries.

4. Tinashe

Born on Feb. 6, 1993, Tinashe has carved out a niche in the music industry with her sultry voice and dynamic stage presence — and she’s done it on her terms. Having achieved success both under a label and on her own, she has set a precedent for artists looking to gain their independence. As a singer, songwriter, and dancer, the California native distinctly blends R&B, pop and electronic influences. Her debut album, aptly titled Aquarius, reflects not only her astrological sign but also her independent and forward-thinking approach to music.

5. Anderson .Paak

Anderson .Paak, born on Feb. 8, 1986, is considered a dynamic force in the music industry. The singer, rapper and multi-instrumentalist’s genre-blending style and energetic performances have garnered widespread acclaim. His impact on the contemporary music scene is a testament to his ability to seamlessly fuse various influences into a cohesive and groundbreaking sound.

6. Kelly Rowland

Born on Feb. 11, 1981, Kelly Rowland has carved out an impressive career in music. Rising to prominence as a founding member of Destiny’s Child, the star was able to showcase her powerful vocals and stage presence. Her solo career further highlighted her ability to explore diverse musical genres — from R&B to dance-pop. Beyond the music industry, Rowland has also made impressive strides as an actress. With an Aquarian spirit, she brings innovation and a humanitarian touch to her work, using her platform to empower and inspire others.

7. D’Angelo

D’Angelo — another Feb. 11 baby, but in the year 1974 to be exact — is a prolific soul singer, known for his velvety vocals and impressive ability to play several instruments. His critically acclaimed albums, like Brown Suga r and Voodoo, continue to stand the test of time by showcasing his unparalleled artistry and introspective lyricism. His enigmatic and reclusive nature adds a mystique to his persona, and this aligns with the unconventional and independent spirit of an Aquarius.

8. Brandy

Gifted singer, songwriter, and actress, Brandy Norwood was born on Feb. 11, 1979. Her soul-stirring voice and undeniable talent have landed her the title “The Vocal Bible.” With the characteristic Aquarian traits of innovation and originality, Brandy continues to evolve her sound, push boundaries and influence the contemporary music landscape.

9. Khalid

Khalid, born on Feb. 11, 1998, has swiftly become a defining voice in contemporary R&B and pop music. His debut single, “Location,” marked a breakthrough, and albums like American Teen and Free Spirit solidified his status as a genre-bending artist. The Aquarian traits of humanitarianism shine through in Khalid’s music, which often addresses social themes with a compassionate touch. His ability to seamlessly blend genres reflects the independent and forward-thinking nature associated with the Aquarius zodiac sign.

10. The Weeknd

Abel Tesfaye made his debut in the world on Feb. 16, 1990. Since breaking into the industry, The Weeknd has redefined contemporary R&B with his distinctive sound and enigmatic persona, and captivates audiences with his soulful voice. His mysterious public image aligns with the independent and unconventional nature of Aquarius. His genre-blurring music delves into themes of love, hedonism and existentialism, reflecting the depth and complexity associated with this zodiac sign. The singer, songwriter and producer stands as a trailblazer and embodies the boundary-pushing spirit of Aquarius in the realm of contemporary music.

11. Billy Ocean

Billy Ocean, born on Jan. 21, 1950, is a singer and songwriter whose smooth voice and infectious melodies have produced timeless hits like “Caribbean Queen (No More Love On the Run)” and “Get Outta My Dreams, Get into My Car.” His ability to blend soulful tunes with catchy pop elements reflects the eclectic capabilities of an Aquarius.

12. Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke, born on Jan. 22, 1931, left an enduring legacy in the world of soul music. As a singer, songwriter and pioneer, Cooke’s smooth, buttery voice and timeless hits, including “A Change Is Gonna Come,” have solidified his status as one of the greatest vocalists of all time.

13. Tatyana Ali

Born on Jan. 24, 1979, Tatyana Ali seamlessly transitioned from her role on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” to a successful career in music. As a singer and actress, her charm extends beyond the screen. Her debut album, Kiss the Sky, was executive produced by co-star Will Smith and showcased her versatility as an entertainer. With the Aquarian trait of independence, Ali continues to shape her artistic path, proving that her talents are as diverse as the roles she portrays. In 2023, she announced that she was back in the studio to continue her love for making music.

14. Ariana DeBose

Ariana DeBose, born on Jan. 25, 1991, has captivated audiences with her exceptional talent as a singer, dancer and actress. Rising to prominence with her role as the Bullet in Hamilton, DeBose’s star power continues to ascend in the world of entertainment. She has most recently appeared in Disney’s Wish as the protagonist, Asha. Her performances, marked by grace and charisma, reflect the independent qualities associated with Aquarians. DeBose serves as a shining example of the artistic prowess and magnetic presence often attributed to those born under the Aquarius sign.

15. Anita Baker

Legendary singer Anita Baker has been enchanting audiences with her soulful voice and sophisticated R&B style. Born on Jan. 26, 1958, the multi-Grammy Award-winning singer and songwriter gained prominence with albums like Rapture and Giving You the Best That I Got. Baker’s contribution to the genre showcases the unique blend of independence and emotional depth associated with Aquarius. Her enduring influence cements her status as an iconic figure in the world of contemporary R&B.