Baby Tate has the type of indefinable talent that makes describing it inherently limiting. What do you call an artist who can sing good enough to impress Babyface, rap surgically enough to make oral sex lyrics sound like sonnets and is creative enough to turn an EP into a musical of sorts? At any point in time, she has unreleased music that can shock almost anyone, regardless of what genre you prefer.

“I have [an unreleased collaboration] that I know is coming out. It’s on Rapsody’s album. I’m not sure when that’s coming out, but I’m in love with that song. I love that verse. I love Rapsody,” Baby Tate told REVOLT.

In this installment of “Studio Sessions,” Tate explains how her new tour will reflect her latest project Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical, how documenting her sexual journey in music can help others and how Babyface gave her one of the greatest compliments you can get. Read below!

You released Baby Tate Presents – Sexploration: The Musical in October 2023, and now you’re on your first headlining tour. When you were making these songs for the EP, how soon after were you thinking of how to translate them to the live show?

I definitely thought about that after the project came out. I’ve been working on an album, and the five songs for the EP are songs that were created during the album process. I didn’t necessarily go in with the idea or intention to create an EP in the first place. But that’s how I felt these five songs would be best received, and I wanted to put something out in 2023.

Once we decided it would be an EP, I started thinking, “Well, what is this EP going to look like? What is this world going to feel like? How can we build this into something fun and creative? It doesn’t feel like five throwaway album tracks. After creating the musical idea, I honestly didn’t think I would be going on tour at all. So, I didn’t start creating what the show would look like until I found out I was going on tour.”

How will the music be reflected in the show?

It’s going to feel very theatrical. It’s going to feel like a fall theater experience. We’re going to separate it into acts, and we’ll have entertainment the entire night. It’s going to feel really fun.

What does Baby Tate need in the studio to make her best music?

I need good energy. Good energy is the best thing to create around. That might be good people. It might be a good smell. I also like to do a little ritual with everyone that I’m creating with where we take a shot before we even start working on something. I’m not quite sure if I’m going to continue that because I’ve been sober for dry January. I might want to continue that for the rest of the year.

I remember when you came out on social media and announced you were bisexual. Now, you’re stating that you are pansexual. Is this EP a way to document your sexual journey and solidify your sexual identity?

Yeah, I think that’s something that I just wanted to document in my life in a general sense. So, it made sense to put it in music, as well. Representation is so important for young people who look like me to have. If I can be out and be proud and be safe while doing so, I don’t see any harm in that, and I actually see that as being a benefit to everyone.

What is your creative process when you’re making music?

I definitely would have to say it differs. I never have the same creative process. But, I do like to finish a song, whether that means it’s just entirely written or I’ll come back and maybe add harmonies and ad-libs. But, for the most part, I like to get everything done when I’m there. I don’t like to waste time. I think the home studio is where I can waste time. But, when I’m outside my house and working with other people, I like being as efficient as possible.

What have you cooked up in your home studio?

I actually made “Grip” at my home studio. There are a few other songs of mine that I’ve done at home and written. I actually recorded “Grip” at home. I recorded that myself and added some production to that song.

What’s a memorable session you’ve been in?

A really funny session was during the Revenge of the Dreamers III sessions. It was a really late night, and there was a lot of tequila drunk by many people (laughs). Cozz was recording, but he was nowhere near the mic. He told the engineer, “Yo, bro, I can’t hear myself.” We told him, “Cozz, the mic is like five feet away from you (laughs).”

I was surprised you didn’t mention your studio session with Babyface. What was that like?

It was honestly shocking. It felt super surreal. I was dealing with a lot of imposter syndrome at that session. I was thinking, “What am I doing here? Why did Babyface ask me to come here and work with him? How does he even know who I am?” It was really comforting and also very affirming when I was recording and doing ad-libs. I was doing ad-lib take after ad-lib take. He kept asking for another and another and another.

He told me something that I still am shocked by. He said, “The last time I felt this way about recording with someone and being so impressed each time they go in the studio was with Whitney Houston.” I said, “Babyface, did you hear what you just said? What are you talking about?” But, it was a really fun session, and I’m super grateful that he thought of me.

You said you were working on a new album. What’s the status of that album?

Musically, it’s almost done. I have to get back in the studio after the tour to finish some things and add some things. But, that’s just the first part. Music has to get created, and then visuals, and then plans, marketing and all types of things. If we’re talking percentages, I’m about 45 percent there.

What’s an unreleased song you’re on that you hope comes out?

I have one that I know is coming out. It’s on Rapsody’s album. I’m not sure when that’s coming out, but I’m in love with that song. I love that verse. I love Rapsody. I’m so grateful that she thought of me to add something to her work. I can’t wait for people to hear it.

Who’s one artist you would love to do a song with?

I would love to make a song with Rihanna. That song would be the c**tiest collab of all time.

What do you have going on 2024?

The album is coming this year; I hope to dive a bit deeper into some of my other talents, such as acting and voice acting. I’m just going to continue making amazing music. I’m going to continue doing amazing shows. You’re going to catch me at festivals, award shows, everywhere. I’m excited.