On Tuesday (Jan. 16), Key Glock unveiled a new visual for “Let’s Go,” which is produced by King Wonka and Hadouken Beats. The in-your-face offering is an ode to getting to the bag by any means.

“Let’s go get some money, f**k that bulls**t/ H**l yeah, I made some mills off my tours, b**ch/ H**l yeah, I made some mills off my merch too/ I got yellow diamonds, Super Saiyan Goku/ These n**gas only killers on Pro Tools/ Old lame-a** n**ga, ain’t got no juice/ Old lame-a** n**ga, ain’t got no motion/ Glizock flexin’ on these n**gas like I’m Hulk Hogan…”

The accompanying clip for “Let’s Go” is a cinematic marvel, as Key Glock stars as a criminal who executes a series of violent heists alongside “Power Book II: Ghost” actress Alix Lapri. Throughout, the Bonnie and Clyde-esque couple dispatched security with martial arts, shot it out with cops in the middle of a highway police chase, and much more.

“Let’s Go” is taken from the deluxe edition of Glock’s Glockoma 2 project, which was released in June 2023 with 23 songs and zero features. Bandplay, Bankroll Got It, DY, JohnnyTurnItUp, and more added to the project’s booming production.

During an appearance on REVOLT’s “Big Facts,” Glock opened up about his career successes. “This s**t be catching me by surprise. A n**ga really come from nothing, coming from the slums. You ain’t thinking these folks about to know your s**t word for word, screaming it louder than you,” he admitted. Glock also referred to his late cousin’s teachings when asked about his decision to remain an independent artist. “It’s the Dolph way,” he stated. “Either way you do it, it’s still work. It’s just how much work you’re willing to do.”

Press play on “Let’s Go” below.