On Tuesday (Jan. 9), Katt Williams made an appearance on the latest episode of “Willie D Live,” roughly a week after his rousing “Club Shay Shay” interview with Shannon Sharpe. For much of the hourlong sit-down, he spoke on being intellectually advanced as a child, his move to Miami, FL as a teenager, and his eventual rise to fame as a comedian and actor.

About 50 minutes in, Willie D asked Williams to revisit his infamous back-and-forth with former V-103 radio host Wanda Smith in 2018.

“Be careful when you say how badly I did her because I never called her out of her name. I was very composed,” the Friday After Next star stated in response while also referring to the situation as both “a trap” and “a setup.” “A very interesting thing happens when you try to trap something that’s bigger than your trap. So imagine you set out a trap for a turtle and a rhinoceros steps into it. It’s finna be a whole different situation now.”

Williams continued by explaining how the V-103 interview came to fruition. “This lady, behind the scenes, is begging me to come in to this interview that I’ve not scheduled, that I don’t want to do, that I’m not dressed for, that nobody’s called me about. She just wants it to the point where she says, ‘Katt, come on, you just won an Emmy for the city. I just want to give you your flowers. I won’t talk about kids, I won’t talk about no jail,'” he explained to the Geto Boys legend. “This is the conversation she has with me, and then goes in that room, and doesn’t mention the Emmy.”

Williams added that he wasn’t “tryna hurt nobody’s feelings” and “It was a terrible thing that she found herself in.” “I’m bantering with you ’cause you keep acting like you’re qualified to do that,” he said.