On Wednesday (Jan. 3), NLE Choppa unveiled a new visual for “AUNTIE LIVING ROOM,” a track that features his real life aunt, Tracy Denise Smith. Produced by TPerc and Mack House Entertainment, the track saw the Memphis talent providing a vivid account of life on the streets.

“A whole lot of Swishers and Dracs, pull on this street, you ain’t makin’ it out, n**ga, you know how we play? Makin’ that bed, he gon’ lay in that bed, no resurrecting from the dead, uh, fresh as h**l if thе feds lookin’, fresh as h**l if thе feds watchin’, 20 on his head, good profit, what that is? That’s another body, uh, pray to the Lord that we get that lil’ boy, I repented, and ‘pented, and ‘pented some more…”

The accompanying clip was directed by Wolfe Productions and brought viewers into Smith’s actual residence, where she recorded the song’s hook alongside her star nephew. Choppa also performed the track in front of the house with his crew as a customized Rolls-Royce sat in the driveway.

“AUNTIE LIVING ROOM” was taken from 2023’s Cottonwood 2: Deluxe 2.0, an extended version of Cottonwood 2 (Deluxe). Cottonwood 2: Deluxe 2.0 contained 40 songs and additional appearances from Rick Ross, Kevin Gates, Polo G, Lil Wayne, Lola Brooke, Fivio Foriegn, and more.

“I feel like I kind of messed up my breakout year because a lot of things got in my head, and by the end of the year, I was kind of in a slump. Cottonwood 2 is pretty much letting everybody know that it came back full circle for me,” Choppa explained to BET. “It’s giving me another chance with a breakout year, and now it’s like, ‘How do I capitalize?'”

Press play on NLE Choppa’s “AUNTIE LIVING ROOM” video below.