Just before the new year arrived, rumors began swirling about a private marriage ceremony that Toni Braxton and Cash Money CEO Bryan Williams — better known as Birdman — held in Mexico. On Sunday (Dec. 31), Toni took to Instagram to shut down speculation.

“My dear friend Birdman and I are not married… [We’ve] never been married,” the R&B veteran wrote to her followers. “We are both single.”

Prior to her announcement, her sister, Tamar Braxton, decided to chime in on the situation. “I want to know!” Tamar could be heard saying in a short video clip. “I came here to ask y’all if she’s getting married. I don’t know! I been blowing up her phone… Somebody gotta tell us something. No, I’m being serious. Let me find out Toni Braxton got married before us.” Tamar also noted the fact that Toni and Birdman have been in an on-and-off relationship for a “zillion years.”

This isn’t the first time that marriage talk surrounding the “He Wasn’t Man Enough” singer and her New Orleans counterpart surfaced. Back in 2018, Toni found herself clearing up gossip after Tamar said she believed they tied the knot during an appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show.”

“Well, I am not married, unlike my big mouth sister Tamar has been saying everywhere!” she said on “Good Morning America.” “I’m definitely not married yet, but we’re working together.”

In a separate interview, Birdman spoke to Wendy Williams about the relationship during that time. “T, that’s my girl, my friend, my family… That’s my love, my soldier, my life,” he revealed. “She’s my life. I love her to death.” He continued by expressing his appreciation to the Braxton family. “For me, it was just hard to accept love from them,” he admitted. “Just growing up in the streets, not having the word love, it was hard for me to accept them loving me and appreciating the love that I brought to the table.”