On Christmas Day (Dec. 25), Lil Uzi Vert unveiled a new single titled “Red Moon,” which was produced by TM88, Slo Meezy, CSD Sid, FNZ and Macnificent. The emotionally charged offering sees the Philadelphia artist singing about a relationship that seems to be falling apart.

“I watched the moon tonight and it was red/ I wanna live together ’til we dead/ I tell myself that I can change/ Remind myself to not complain/ But our love is not the same/ But our love is not the same/ Our feelings change like seasons/ You tell me that you leavin’/ You go right now, then I ain’t breathin’/ She’s on my mind all the d**n time/ I must be blind, I can’t even read the signs/ She says, ‘Stop cryin’, and get used to the times…'”

“Red Moon” boasts a matching video that was directed by Be EL Be. Viewers can see Uzi going through the motions by themself in different ways, including while in a bathroom, at the beach and on a walk as the world passes them by. The clip ends with a shot of them crying before a message comes across the screen. “If someone can be away from you, let them be. It’s better to be alone than losing yourself for approval,” it read. “Love isn’t real, but with my imagination, I can make anything real.”

“Red Moon” is expected to appear on the forthcoming LP Luv Is Rage 3. As REVOLT previously reported, Uzi stated that said album will likely be their last before pivoting into the fashion world. “I love making music, but I don’t really want to make music like that no more,” they told TMZ. “I want to make, like, women’s clothes. I’ve been working on my office in my house.”

Press play on “Red Moon” below.