Since the ’90s, Lil Wayne has graced the music industry with metaphoric bliss and Southern swagger, leaving an indelible mark on the game. Making his debut as a teen with New Orleans group Hot Boys, he proved that age is nothing but a number and that he was destined for the top spot.

Lil Wayne’s first solo album, Tha Block Is Hot, went platinum in less than two months, selling over a million copies. It’s safe to say that the world embraced his Southern flow and the stunt culture of the Cash Money Millionaires, despite hip hop’s firm roots in the East Coast.

Wayne’s mixtape era significantly influenced his success and left an enduring impact on hip hop as well. When Da Drought 3 dropped in 2007, artists and fans alike began to truly respect his pen. Throughout the mixtape, Weezy rapped over some of the most popular mainstream beats, making them his own, and every original artist respected it.

That year, the Grammy Award-winning lyricist was featured on over 100 songs, turning them into hits — hence the famous bar, “I’ll get on anybody track and hit that b**ch with that Wayne train.” His feature run hasn’t let up yet, and everyone knows that if you want an international hit, get Lil Wayne on the track.

Here are 15 fire Weezy features that prove it.

1. “Look at Me Now” by Chris Brown

Chris Brown and Wayne have given us several bops, but “Look at Me Now” is arguably the best one to date. Flexing his breath control and introducing himself in similes, Weezy laid down some of the most memorable bars of 2011 alongside Breezy and Busta Rhymes. The record dropped over a decade ago but remains a classic to this day, certified eight-times platinum as of Oct. 1, 2021.

2. “I’m Goin’ In” by Drake

Drake’s So Far Gone mixtape is still a fan favorite, and this song is one of the reasons why. The Drake and Wayne collaboration guarantees greatness with Tunechi owning the beat, delivering one of his famous introductions and describing his flow intriguingly. “It’s Weezy Baby, come to take a s**t and urine / On these toilet bowl, b**ches, p**sy a** n**gas / Stomping on this beat like a muthaf**king Sigma.”

3. “Loyal” by Chris Brown

“Loyal” was one of the biggest songs on urban radio in 2013. On this track, Brown, Tyga and Wayne let it be known that they are not slackers when it comes to spotting disloyalty. Tunechi’s first line set the tone perfectly: “I wasn’t born last night / I know these h**s ain’t right.” The song peaked at No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is currently six-times platinum.

4. “Motivation” by Kelly Rowland

Wayne and Kelly Rowland’s collaboration was something fans never knew they needed but will never forget. In his verse, Wayne shows his intimate side, vividly expressing how he plans to take care of a woman in the bedroom, complementing Rowland’s vocals perfectly. These sexy sultry vibes took the world by storm, going No. 1 on the charts for seven weeks straight and bringing in two platinum plaques.

5. “Swagga Like Us” by JAY-Z and T.I.

This M.I.A. sample with four of the most lyrical artists in the game was a hit from the beginning. Taking verse three, Lil Wayne pops off while also paying homage to the other legendary artists on the track. Debuting on T.I.’s album Paper Trail, “Swagga Like Us” embodied unity within hip hop culture at a time where many fans pitted the best artists against each other. T.I., Kanye West, JAY-Z and Wayne showed everyone how important it is to make timeless art, not compete.

6. “We Takin’ Over” by DJ Khaled

When DJ Khaled hit the scene, it gave Wayne more opportunities to solidify his spot as one of the best lyricists in the game, showcasing his ability to float on a track with the best artists out there. They saved the best verse for last, with Wayne making it clear he knew he was No. 1 from his first line: “I am the beast / Feed me rappers or feed me beats.” If “We Takin’ Over” was an affirmation, it definitely manifested for Wayne, as his influence is easily recognized in today’s music

7. “Duffle Bag Boy” by Playaz Circle

Even though Weezy didn’t spit a verse on this track, the chorus he put on it is the reason you can still spin it to this day. It’s the hood American Dream. All anyone in the hood wants to do is ball someday, and Tune is letting you know in this track that, if nothing else, he will ball and get to his bag with no fear or hesitation. This 2 Chainz and Wayne collab formed a duo that is still giving us hits like Welcome 2 Collegrove.

8. “Soldier” by Destiny’s Child

“Soldier” by Destiny’s Child was one of those early hits that emphasized Lil Wayne was someone to watch out for. Staying on theme, he let the world know that Cash Money was an army and that he was the sergeant next to the CEO Stunna. Leaving his imprint, he coined his catchphrase, “Please say the baby,” reminding everyone to say his full stage name, Weezy F. Baby.

9. “Brown Paper Bag” by DJ Khaled

This is one of Wayne’s best feature verses of all time. He was rapping like the rent was due, and it might have been because in 2007, he was hungry for success in the rap game. Always with an emphatic introduction, the first sentence sets the tone for an entire verse of crazy wordplay and passion: “Practice makes perfect, I’m relaxing at rehearsal / I’m a muthaf**kin’ professional like Herschel Walker.” Here, Wayne is arrogant and he knows it, but who could challenge him?

10. “HYFR” by Drake

On “HYFR,” Drake and the Young Money CEO share their experiences with women and the questions they find themselves answering during their interactions. In true Wayne fashion, he gives us bar after bar, multiple flows and a hook that will never leave your brain.

The song was such a hit that the Young Money duo was nominated for Best Rap Performance at the 55th Grammy Awards. This feature is currently double platinum, selling over 2 million copies in the U.S.

11. “Every Girl” by Young Money

When you hear that beat drop, you know the entire crowd is about to go up for this first line: “I like a long-haired, thick red bone / Open up her legs to filet mignon that p**sy.” As the verse continues, he gets very detailed about his sex game in this love letter to every girl. The chorus, sung by the collective about their desires to love every girl in the world, took them to No. 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 12 on BET’s Top 100 countdown in 2009.

12. “Don’t Trip” by Trina

“Don’t Trip” had everyone wondering about the connection between the former Hot Boy and Trina, and as those rumors heated up, so did the music and the chemistry between the two. Some bars from this iconic verse imply that there could have been a relationship there, and if it wasn’t, Wayne might have wanted it to be.

He raps, “I think Trina sexy, mama you wine-fine / And on the hush-hush, we need some quiet time.” As fans know, Weezy did in fact lock in one of the baddest women in the industry, and let it be known that Cash Money is here to stay.

13. “Stand Up” by T.I.

This track has to be played with caution because it can ignite a fight between anyone listening. In this song, T.I., Trick Daddy, Lil Jon and Weezy take their enemies on a lyrical journey, describing what it would be like if they decided they wanted the smoke.

Wayne gives you a glimpse of what a night of revenge might look like with him in Hollygrove, where he was shot at the age of 12 and grew up selling drugs. It may sound sad for a preteen to live this lifestyle, but the lyrics reveal his perspective on his trials: “I had to hold my weight down / P**sy n**ga stand up or lay down.”

14. “Suck It or Not” by Cam’ron

The double entendre king delivered one of his most memorable verses ever on Cam’ron’s “Suck It Or Not.” Some of the hardest bars from this classic are, “I get head in the strangest places / Two at the same time, call it changing faces” and “She knows the game, get in or get right / every b**ch in the industry wanna rock my mic.” And, of course, the song wouldn’t be complete without the Wayne train on the chorus.

15. “The Motto” by Drake

YOLO was popularized by this song in 2011, and you still hear the slogan being used as 2024 approaches, indicating that this track was a major hit. By giving fans advice to live every day like it’s their last, Drizzy and Wayne delivered another undeniable hit.

Tunechi’s flow on this verse was simple and fun, but don’t let those bars fly over your head. “Its East Side, we in this b**ch / I wish a n**ga would like a tree in this b**ch / And if a leaf fall, put some weed in that b**ch / That’s my MO, add a B to that s**t.” Need he say more?