Listening to inspirational music is one of the purest forms of self-care, and Beyoncé is among artists who, since day one, have left us feeling encouraged through their songs. During the global superstar’s time in the legendary group Destiny’s Child, she played a major role in giving the world timeless empowerment anthems such as “Survivor,” “Independent Women, Pt.1,” and “So Good,” to name just a few. Since then, her solo career has proven to be an extension of feel-good bops wrapped up in words of affirmation.

Despite how strong one may be, every boss woman and man has their off days, which Beyoncé shows an understanding of in her music. Across her nearly three-decade-long career, Queen Bey has yet to lose sight of creating music that reminds people of how incomparable they are in the midst of life’s challenges. From her expansive discography, here are some Beyoncé lyrics that will prompt you to sing your own praises.

1. Alien Superstar: “Unique, that’s what you are.”

The idea of having competition doesn’t exist when you’re thriving in your own lane. “Alien Superstar” emphasizes that we’re all out of this world and there’s room for all of us to be marvelous. It also gives the reassurance that we were created and designed exactly how we were meant to be. Individuality is our magic weapon because who can do you better than you? No one.

2. Cozy: “You survived all you been through / Confident, damn, you’re lethal.”

When you’re caught up in the day-to-day battles of life, it’s easy to forget all that you’ve conquered. Just in case, Beyoncé lets you know at the start of the track that “This a reminder.” It’s important to take a step back in those times when you feel unaccomplished and take pride in yourself for how far you’ve come. Learning to be comfortable in your skin is one of the biggest accomplishments of all.

3. Formation: “You know you that b**ch when you cause all this conversation.”

When Beyoncé dropped “Formation” in 2016, it wasn’t just her way to shut down her haters. The track became a declaration for everyone listening to wake up and remember who they are. People may talk down on you and paint a false narrative, but ultimately, you’re the victorious one. Why is that? As the popular saying goes, if you don’t have haters, you’re doing something wrong.

4. Me, Myself and I: “Took me some time, but now I am strong.”

“Me, Myself and I” is the textbook definition of a perfect self-love anthem. Whether you’ve freshly come out of a bad relationship or freed yourself from a toxic family member, you deserve a round of applause because it’s one of the toughest things to do in life. The amount of time it took isn’t the main focus, but rather that you’ve become a better version of yourself that the old you would be proud of.

5. Feeling Myself: “Feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ myself.”

You should be the biggest hype man in your life. Validation from others is cool, but it’ll never amount to how you feel about yourself both on the inside and outside. The repetition of “I’m feelin’ myself” on the track is a strong affirmation because it’s simple yet direct. Once it’s ingrained in your mind, no amount of criticism can change how you love what’s right in front of you in the mirror.

6. Break My Soul: “Got motivation / I done found me a new foundation.”

It’s one thing to free yourself from what’s no longer serving you; it’s another to pick up where the chips have fallen, rebuild and change your environment for the better. Most importantly, in the midst of hardship, you were able to pull yourself up and get to work. Let’s cheers to that.

7. Ego: “I got every reason to feel like I’m that b**ch.”

No explanation is necessary. Taking a look at all that you bring to the table, there’s absolutely no room for self-doubt — especially when you “can back it up.” Beyoncé’s “Ego” is a prime example of not waiting on people to say, “You’re everything.” You already know it and there’s no need to prove it to anyone else.

8. Church Girl: “Nobody can judge me but me / I was born free.”

What a blessing it is to be free from the shackles of judgment. When you’re truly proud of yourself, you can’t care less about what anyone has to say. “Church Girl” is encouragement to no longer let criticism affect you. It feels so much better to bask in who you were created to be.

9. I’m That Girl: “It’s just that I’m that girl.”

The message is clear here: You’re the girl who is everything and more. In the RENAISSANCE album intro, Beyoncé stresses the fact that nothing on the exterior — such as diamonds and her man — gives her that title. Also, the best thing about it is that being “that girl” can look different for everyone, but it all comes down to one thing: You’re unstoppable.

10. ***Flawless: “We flawless, ladies, tell ‘em / I woke up like this.”

In this track, Beyoncé expresses that you’re flawless from the very start of the day. You’re flawless even before you beat your face with makeup or put on a stylish fit. The song’s lyrics are simple, but they hold a lot of weight.

11. I Was Here: “Left this world a little better just because / I was here.”

We are all created for a purpose and you’re far from exempt. Making your mark on Earth while being authentically yourself is the greatest service that you can give. The accolades, recognition, and praises are amazing. However, as Beyoncé points out, simply being who you are is what creates the most significance regarding your world impact.

12. Run the World (Girls): “Who are we? What we run? / The world.”

“Run the World (Girls)” is the ultimate empowerment anthem. If it wasn’t already obvious, young girls and women are what make the world go ’round. While carrying everything on our backs can be quite a hassle, we sure make it look easy. To keep us cognizant of that power, Beyoncé poured this iconic chant on her listeners for over three minutes.

13. Freedom: “I break chains all by myself.”

While we’re not responsible for what life throws at us, it’s our job to find a way out to the best of our abilities. “Freedom” is all about tapping into your inner power and breaking away from anything that’s holding you back. Additionally, the song brings light to the importance of perseverance. You should congratulate yourself for not backing down when things get tough.

14. Diva: “Been the No. 1 diva in this game for a minute.”

It’s hard to keep score when the wins don’t stop. For as long as you’ve been making boss moves, it’s been quite a prosperous journey. Not everyone can say that they have an extraordinary work ethic. “Diva” is that boost of confidence that keeps your natural-born hustle flowing.

15. Bigger: “Step in your essence and know that you’re excellent.”

There’s no better feeling than knowing your self-worth. While this leaves you feeling empowered, it’s still an action that you have to decide to take each day. Beyoncé’s “Bigger” is a reminder to always keep your head up and think highly of yourself. And not only are you excellent, but your existence is important to the world.

16. Brown Skin Girl: “Most things out of focus view / But when you’re in the room, they notice you.”

Don’t second guess it; there’s a reason why people gravitate to you. Similar to “Alien Superstar,” the message is that we were all created special and are unique in our own way. In this specific case with “Brown Skin Girl,” it’s Black girls and women’s melanin that is magnetic. Beyoncé wants you to take pride in not only your skin but also “your nappy curls” and “every single curve.”

17. Grown Woman: “I know the world and I know who I am / It’s ’bout time I show it.”

“Grown Woman” is all about stepping into your power and identity. As you grow into who you are, there are so many lessons learned that build out your character. The journey can be overwhelming, but self-discovery is more than worth it. Once you reach “grown” status, the sky is the limit for the goals you want to embark on.