Today (Dec. 6), Billboard reported that RECORDPOOL and blockchain-based marketplace anotherblock teamed up to give fans Michael Jackson‘s first-ever studio creation.

The song, titled “Big Boy (One-derful Version),” was recorded by the late pop star — as part of the Jackson 5 — on July 13, 1967 at Chicago’s now-defunct One-derful Records. Another version of the groovy offering was released via Steeltown Records a year later. Credit was given to journalist Jake Austen for discovering the initial recording in 2009.

The decades-old offering will be available as a digital vinyl in two packages, an open edition and a limited edition, both of which will be sold during a 48-hour period beginning on Thursday (Dec. 7). The open edition of “Big Boy” costs $25 and comes with images of the master tape and agreements, downloadable song stems, and a B-side that includes “Michael the Lover” and “My Girl.” The limited edition, which will run buyers $1,000, adds on special artwork and other tracks like “Big Boy (Steeltown Version),” “We Don’t Have to Be Over 21 (To Fall in Love),” “You’ve Changed,” “Tracks of My Tears,” and “Lonely Heart.”

“As a passionate MJ fan myself, I was instantly thrilled about introducing this significant piece of music history to the world and expanding the narrative of the Jackson 5’s early days,” said anotherblock CEO and co-founder Michel Traore. “We engaged in numerous lengthy discussions about the recording, its meaning, history, and the optimal way to tell the story. In total, it took us about six months to piece everything together.”

Traore continued, “In addition to telling the story on our platform, we have crafted an in-depth editorial piece for this release that will be available alongside the recording. It presents a deep dive into the early days of the Jackson 5, complete with original photos.”

You can check out the packages at anotherblock’s official website. In agreement with Michael’s mother, Katherine Jackson, a portion of the proceeds will go to the Legacy Foundation.