Last Thursday (Nov. 30), sports agent Rich Paul appeared on Jake Paul’s “BS” podcast. During the episode, Jake asked his guest about his relationship with Kid Cudi, as well as the rapper’s connection to Cleveland — a place where all parties hail from.

“I don’t think Cleveland ever embraced Cudi, unfortunately,” Rich stated. “You can’t expect somebody to treat a situation any different to how they were treated.” The two also discussed how they’ve never seen the Man on the Moon star in the Ohio city, with Jake further claiming that the G.O.O.D. Music alumn “switched up” post-fame and “acts like he’s not from there.” As far as his reasoning, the YouTuber-turned-athlete griped about a fee requested by Cudi to perform at a boxing event.

On Tuesday (Dec. 5), Cudi took to Twitter to share his thoughts about the aforementioned conversation.

“Rich Paul doesn’t know me. He doesn’t know my life. My mom lives in Cleveland and I’ve been going there on holidays and summer breaks for years. When I’m in Cleveland, it’s family time,” he expressed to his followers. “I’m not hanging at Cleveland clubs, or in the streets, or whatever the f**k else you expect me to do… Was I suppose to catch a couple Browns or Cavs games? I’m the most low-key guy around. You ain’t suppose to see me, brother.”

He continued, “I will say the city of Cleveland has embraced me over the years. So I disagree. Radio in Cleveland might not play my s**t, but I had 20,000 people at Moon Man’s Landing in Cleveland last year. A success. And we’re doing it again too.”

Cudi also addressed Jake’s complaint. “I make art for a living. I’m not some guy that comes out to perform at boxing matches,” he explained. “My fee is my fee. Especially for some s**t that’s not my style. If I’m gonna do it, it’s gonna be worth it for my pockets and time. This is business, baby.”