Gucci Mane is an ice and snow enthusiast. Across his catalog, you’re bound to find him talking about either or both on the same track, bragging about the jewelry he has while making and selling the best white in Atlanta.

In other words, Gucci is a very winter-friendly rapper. A guy who loves to talk about how cold he is while turning traditional Christmas songs into holiday trap anthems. He’s the East Atlanta Santa after all, dedicated to being his city’s stylish and outlandish St. Nick.

Now that it’s getting frosty, what better way to bring in the coldest of all seasons than with a collection of icy Guwop lines? These are 17 Gucci Mane lyrics to prepare you for winter.

1. M’s on Ice: “Ice, ice, ice, ice, cold on a h** / East Atlanta Santa settin’ the price on the snow”

Ice is everywhere when it’s winter time, but all Gucci Mane is focused on is the snow. No, not the kind you and your friends used to make angels or throw at each other. Gucci is referring to the type of snow that people are willing to pay money for… something that the East Atlanta Santa knows all too well.

2. Snow: “And the outside cold, but the boy got heat”

You’ve got to make sure you’re warm when it gets cold. Granted, Gucci is talking about a different type of heat that he’s got. But whether you’re packing or just trying to stay warm in the winter, Guwop has got you covered with this bar.

3. St. Brick Intro: “I’m just trappin’ through the snow / Sellin’ nine half a bricks in four ways / Over the hills we go / Got an extendo and an AK (gra, gra, gra)”

Nothing brings in the holidays quite like traditional Christmas songs. Sure, Gucci’s is a little different — OK, it’s very different — from the original “Jingle Bells,” but the sentiment is still there. It’s all about the journey that comes with dashing through the snow, whether you’re delivering bricks or running some last minute errands.

4. Icy: “I’m icy, so motherf**kin’ snowed up / Little kids wanna be like Gucci when they grow up”

Kids aspire to be like Gucci Mane. They want to be as iced out as he is, frigid from head to toe. Until then, they can just channel his cool energy by playing in the winter snow, the easiest way to get snowed up without buying an expensive chain.

5. Stunt: “I ball out through the winter and I stunt all through the summer”

No matter the season, you’ve got to enjoy yourself. Just look at Gucci, he doesn’t let the frosty winter weather stop him from having a good time. He’s going to have just as much fun as he would during the summer. Though it’s good to take advantage of these colder months to recharge and reflect, it’s important to make sure you’re still having a great time, too.

6. Brrr (Supa Cold): “Baby cold c-c-cold / Her dad must be an Eskimo ’cause d**n shorty froze”

Alaskan Inupiat Eskimos are known for their ability to withstand very cold weather. Now, whether Gucci’s romantic interest is actually the daughter of an Inupiat Eskimo or not, who knows? All that matters is that he’s met his match with her, having encountered someone who’s just as icy as he is — the perfect person to spend a winter getaway with.

7. Freeze Me: “Copped a subzero ’cause I’m oh so cold”

The holidays are great for treating others, but it’s also fine to treat yourself. Guwop got himself a subzero, which could mean a multitude of things. A car? Jewelry? An ice statue of himself? Whatever it is, he copped something that he likes, and you should do the same.

8. Burr: “So much ice, I should have brought my fur”

What better time to rock your fur coat, whether real or faux, than when it’s chilly? Gucci forgot his, so now he’s not just literally cold, but he also doesn’t have a flashy coat to pair with his jewelry. Don’t end up like Gucci — remember to bring your fur.

9. Brrr: “Winter-cold watch, make your wife say, ‘Brrr'”

Gucci has a watch so frosty that people can’t help but feel a chill whenever they’re around it. Imagine how his wrist feels. Sure, he’s able to keep time and attend all the holiday parties while wearing a very opulent watch, but his wrist has to be numb at the end of the day, right?

10. Gucci Land: “Freeze my crew, I’m subzero”

Gucci may not have the ability to turn ice into deadly weapons with his bare hands like Sub-Zero, but he is able to gift his crew with jewelry. What better way to enjoy the holidays than by adorning your closest homies with the finest ice? With this lyric, Wizop sets the golden standard of giving.

11. Gucci Time: “Colder than a polar bear sleeping in the freezer”

This is an absurd level of cold that no person should experience unless you’re as iced out as Gucci Mane. Striving for this will only get you hypothermia or put you in significant debt. Instead, maybe aim for a more modest level of cold. Brisk, possibly?

12. Bricks: “So icy CEO, I’m a fool with the snow”

Even though the white powder he’s referring to here isn’t the family-friendly one, everyone could benefit from being a fool with the snow every once in a while. Think of the first time you were old enough to play in the snow. Feeling it crunch underneath your feet or spread across your face when a friend threw a snowball at you. As the years go by, the need to show up for that inner child increases. Playing with that white — the natural kind made from frozen water vapor — is a way to do that.

13. North Pole: “I’m in Zone 6, aka the North Pole”

If Guwop is Atlanta’s Santa Claus, he’s got to have a North Pole. Zone 6, which is the last of the zones that make up ATL, is where Gucci’s base of operations is. It’s where his little helpers prepare his product to be delivered across the city, and he spends his Christmas making sure that those in need get what he has to offer.

14. Weird: “Diamonds same color as Santa Claus’ beard / Ho ho h**s, I think Santa Claus here / Dashing through the snow in my old Chevrolet”

Gucci is channeling his inner Santa Claus in a way that only he can. He’s got a beard in the form of countless white diamonds, and his sleigh is a Chevrolet. Many rappers aspire to look as cool as Guwop does when he becomes Atlanta’s St. Nick.

15. Street Ni66a Christmas: “Wrapping up a brick like I’m wrapping up a present”

A well-wrapped gift goes a long way. The presentation adds to the excitement of unraveling the item and seeing what it is. Gucci gets this, which is why he’s making sure his bricks are meticulously wrapped.

16. Da Beginning: “My ear is on froze like Antarctica (Brrr)”

Although Gucci is probably talking about the extravagant diamonds that adorn his ear, those without the icy jewelry should be mindful of how cold ears can get when it’s winter time. Hopefully, you’ll be getting some ear warmers as one of your stocking stuffers.

17. All About the Hustle: “Iced out like a hockey rink, but I don’t even skate (Brrr)”

Nothing says winter quite like ice hockey and ice skating. They are pastimes that Gucci appreciates, even if he doesn’t actually participate. Instead, he’d rather bask in all the jewelry he has, probably daydreaming about playing for the Atlanta Gladiators or pulling off a Biellmann spin at Atlantic Station.