Today (Dec. 1), Beyoncé decided to surprise the world with a new single titled “MY HOUSE,” which was first revealed to those who attended the opening night premiere of her RENAISSANCE documentary film. The aggressive number, which she co-produced alongside The-Dream, sees her reminding fans that she’s just as on point with the raps as she is with the harmonies.

“Me and my thug bae gon’ slide tonight, call the paparazzi, ain’t got clips to hide tonight, cash out this pain, call Lorraine, then take me to Tiffany, I want 44 karats on my fangs, I want pink diamonds on my belly chain and my nipple rings, I’m grabbin’ grain, sippin’ sideways on this candy paint, I’m done savin’ this money, tonight we gon’ ball out, you can catch me highsidin’, drinkin’ brown liquor ’til I fall out, playa, who let these goons out the house?”

As expected, social media quickly responded to the hard-hitting cut. “Beyoncé made ‘MY HOUSE’ for everyone who hosts parties at their house and want a song that tells people to get the f**k away at 3 a.m.,” wrote Twitter user beyonceparkwood. “Not Beyoncé kicking me out the House of Renaissance before we even get ACT II,” added user joshuachenault1, making reference to the fact that the Houston icon’s latest album was meant to be the first part of a trilogy.

Others, like archangelsounds, gave a more detailed review of the roughly four-minute track. “Beyoncé’s ‘MY HOUSE’ has something for everyone,” he tweeted. “That ‘Lend your soul to intuitions’ part is SO PRINCE. Definitely a live performance transition piece between sounds — an ‘ENERGY’ on steroids.”

Check out some other responses from the masses below. For those who are still unsure of what to expect, you can check out the most recent trailer for King Bey’s RENAISSANCE movie here.