On Wednesday (Nov. 29), Usher continued to deliver for fans with his latest Las Vegas residency show, which saw Victoria Monét as one of the night’s A-list guests. While there, the “On My Mama” talent decided to surprise the Atlanta legend with a custom jacket in honor of his upcoming Super Bowl LVIII halftime show.

“We got one of the last living icons in the building with us right now. We just want to congratulate you, we want to celebrate you,” Monét could be heard saying in a fan-recorded video. “You see the culture in the building. Make some noise for Usher, y’all. As a small token of my appreciation, I wanted to give you this gift.” She then handed over the jacket to the “Good Good” singer, who beamed with joy as he put the leather item on.

Later in the show, Usher made sure to give flowers to Monét, who is currently enjoying one of the best years of her music career.

“The fact that you look as beautiful as you do tonight and you blessed me with this gift. Once again, Victoria Monét, ladies and gentlemen,” he stated to the packed audience. “What an amazing time to be able to share this moment with you tonight. I celebrate you, baby girl. Continue to grow, continue to be great. Success looks good on you. Keep going.”

Earlier today (Nov. 30), Monét took to her Instagram Stories to reflect on the special moment. “What an unforgettable experience! A living legend and a real class act! Thank you so much for one of the best nights of the life!” wrote the seven-time 2024 Grammy Awards nominee. “Plus your team was so sweet and accommodating! We smiled ALL night long and that’s the type of joy you bring to this world with your timeless limitless art!”